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Day one-ish. January 5, 2009

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So I’m trying this weight loss thing AGAIN. New year = new me and all that jazz. I’m 5’9, 27 yo, and 200 lbs. Unacceptable. My plan is to lose 10 lbs by the end of the month; it’s part of my family’s weight loss challenge. Whoever reaches the 10 lb goal first gets $20 – not a lot, I would think the weight off would be more of an incentive, but whatever works. At least this way I’m being held accountable by someone.

So yesterday, I started off the exercise regime with a bang. I went for a 2 hr walk at the local wildlife refuge and not only burned a lot of calories but also got to spend time with my S/O and see coyotes, deer, prairie dogs, etc. It was very entertaining and hopefully very rewarding. I also completed 8 minutes of boxing and 20 minutes of step on the Wii Fit.

 I have also begun the National Body Challenge on health.discovery.com to help track my progress. They have been giving me exercise videos each day to do, and they vary every day. I only did the warm up yesterday (after the long walk and the Wii workout). Today I completed the warm up and the back exercises before I had to go to work.  I have 2 more 8 minute videos, and the cool down to complete when I get home. It’s probably most effective when you do them all at once, but I just didn’t have time this morning. My plan is also to take my lovely pup Madison for a 45 min walk or so (she needs practice behaving on a leash). As long as it’s not too cold. And that’s not a cop out – it was about 7 degrees this morning when we went out, not including windchill.

Food-wise, I had a giant bowl of Raisin Bran this morning (I went to bed hungry…and so woke up hungry). Probably about 1.5 C, with just a little milk (1/2 C 1%). I also had 2 C coffee with milk, 1 tsp sugar in the 2nd cup. Lunch is leftovers from last night, beef stir fry 1C with .5 C rice….not sure what dinner will be at this point – will update later.

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