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betterbella2013 on Dec 23rd 2012 08:39 pm

Today, I began my Juice Feasting Journey! It was a good day, I think. I got really hungry between 2 and 4 pm. I am trying really hard not to overly restrict myself. So I’m trying to think 75/25, 75% juice and 25% whole food, IF i must, but I prefer to do just juicing. I’ve drank right at about 64 oz of fresh veggie/fruit juice and 2 bottles of water. I also had about a cup of grapes, a slice of apple and 1/2 a scrambled egg taco, that I made myself, which isn’t off my plan. I made the egg tacos (2) after church thinking I needed it, but then I found that I didn’t want it after a couple of bites so I tossed it and had some water instead. Its that whole interpreting your body signals correctly thing. I WAS hungry, I just don’t want food, for some reason. Not really sure what that’s about, but it happens when I resolve myself to something. And I HAVE RESOLVED to do this. I am in hopes I can hold out for a full 30 days, but if if I can make it these next two weeks, I will consider myself successful and if I can make it one week, then I’ll take it. So whats up with the two steps forward, 1 step back thing? I have a natural tendency towards self sabotage…SO…lol, if I don’t know what I’m doing then I can’t stop myself. LOL. Twisted I know, but whatever works. If it gets the pounds off then I’m not going to complain….

So juicing plus 20 minutes of exercise, 5 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of strength training/exercises. I just run thru a basic circuit routine to get my heart rate up. I plan to add walking, hopefully for 45 minutes a day, once I solidify my schedule a bit better.

My goal might be 75 pounds in 6 months. I feel I can achieve this goal because a lot of my weight has to do with food allergies in addition to just poor choices late at night. In the past, when I’ve eliminated certain foods, I’ve dropped weight like no body’s business so now I just have to stick with it. I have to stand by what I know¬† I need to be doing for myself and stop pretending like I’m okay where I am and I’m content with what I look like and feel like. Also, I was in huge car accident one month ago and messed up my neck and back. I know for a fact now, that if I don’t get this weight off, these injuries are going to haunt me for the rest of my life…so I am at that point where there is no longer a choice, if there ever was…and everyday I hope to be able to take the time to talk about this to help myself hold on.

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what honesty looks like…

betterbella2013 on Dec 23rd 2012 08:25 pm

This is me…right now, 12-23-2012. No more pretending…this is what it is and we are going to change this effective immediately. This weight loss journey is to be concluded. Stay tuned while I find my way :).


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