Day 3

betterbella2013 on Dec 26th 2012 08:22 am

uh…yesterday SUCKED. It was the first day I was out of the house and I wasn’t weak or anything…it was just a bad day for some reason. My counseling appointment was canceled due to the holiday. (stupid holiday) I believe I’ve gotten used to that release and the lack thereof just threw me off completely. Even though I was up and out and about, I didn’t get anything achieved, but I guess I should be happy that I was able to survive period.

I’m heading to the chinese herb doctor (day 4) to get some stuff to help me with cleansing as well as blood building. I still have no idea what brought this on, but since I had to stay up late last night to try to handle some stuff that I didn’t handle and ultimately wound up being awake till about 6am, (no joke, I didn’t sleep last night, at all, no dozing or anything) I had some peanut butter and it gave me a headache and I was like, since when does when you’re eating give you a headache. Especially such a small amount (1tbsp just for a small boost) Despite this departure, I still lost another 2 pounds. I’m at 237 peoples. (yay!)….

Also, since I’m moody as hell, due to lack of sleep lol and general snarliness due to this new diet that I am immensely enjoying the benefits, but am in wonder of why my body chose this method, I’m starting to wonder if 3fc should really be called 3sb since some of those people on that site, aren’t all that supportive. My motto usually is don’t knock it till you try it and if someone else has found something that works for them, then if I can’t be supportive then don’t say anything at all, because we’re all fighting the same fight here, but apparently that’s just me. I’m going to leave it at that.

i didn’t get any exercise in 🙁 and didn’t get all my juices in, but I was only off by about 30oz so I’ll take that :). Still lost weight, lol…this is insane, if I keep this up, I’ll be out of the 230’s by the end of Week 1. Haven’t been that small in 10 years. EPIC. What’s funnie is that my pants all still fit they are just fitting better (no love handles hanging over the sides, since I refused to go above a size 18), I went to size 20s very briefly and busted my tail to get back to my 18s. I was just not going to be a size 20 kind of a person.  I wonder at what point I’ll actually graduate to a size down…like maybe between 200 and 210…I’m going to die when I’m able to actually fit a 16 and that may actually happen like soonish. So my mini goal for the rest of this week is to do everything and anything to be 229 on Sunday morning when I wake up :)….Pray for me, lol. Seriously, 1 week down and I could very likely lose 15 pounds…insane except for that whole food allergies thing. I may never go back to processed foods! Who needs that kind of stuff hanging around! Also, I think my body is just ready. We were prepared for this. I’ve been detoxing and stuff all year on and off and going wheat free for about 4 months really helped me. Granted, I fell off the wagon, but dudes, I think I did a lot of stuff to help myself this year and this is the reward. Having the self discipline and the self awareness and self-love to handle a juice feast and losing tons of weight….uber happy. Its 11:20 and I haven’t broken my fast yet, so let me get my first juicing in. Stay tuned. I have to venture out into the world today. Here’s hoping, I’m more successful this day then yesterday.

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