I take that back…

betterbella2013 on Dec 25th 2012 06:55 am

We are actually at 239 this morning after the bm but before having our first juice 🙂 🙂 :)…230’s people after 2 days…Lets see where today brings me to :).

On another note, breaking up the euphoria, I’m really concerned about not getting enough calories, so I’m seriously considering having a small 300 to 400 calorie meal, like scrambled eggs, or whole fruits and veggies, no meat definitely not…but I don’t want to be starving. I think that is a key thing on this journey…because if I’m starving myself then this weight loss is not for real and as soon as I start back eating, it will come back…so I have to be sure that I’m getting in, bare minimum of 1500 calories a day in juice. I felt like I hit it my first day. I know I didn’t hit it yesterday….it might have been around 1200…so not too bad, but that means I have a deficient today and I have to be careful not to send my body into starvation mode because that’d just screw everything up….so we’re going to experiment a little today. We have averaged 2.5 pd weight lost each day…so lets play around and see where we are tomorrow.

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