Day 2

betterbella2013 on Dec 24th 2012 07:25 pm

Well…I can honestly say I’ve had better days…I didn’t go off plan, lol picking up vocab from the forums. I drank lots of juices and have been doing more research on exactly what I’m supposed to be doing here lol, since I kind of run butt first into stuff and then turn around to see what I’ve gotten myself into :). lol and I’m smiling for the first time, maybe I should have blogged sooner, then I wouldn’t have wasted most of the day feeling miserable :/….So for starters last night before bed, I took magnesium in hopes of moving along a movement and emptying my tummy which still felt full from like 2 days ago (hence the juice madness, believe me peoples, its not my idea of fun to not eat for 30 days, this is pure necessity)…eh. It didn’t do much of anything and so it had me frightened to start my day because I was unsure if it would be a delayed reaction, so I didn’t go anywhere or do anything for the whole first part of the day and it was raining, so bigger bummer…I did manage to get out and walk a mile (woot woot!) and that made me feel good since it started raining again and I still didn’t go in, lol, petty stuff like that makes me happy. I did get some cleaning done…did a bit more juicing…drank the juice. O it was so yummy! i juiced like 5 tangelos and they were amazing. I also did a pure green juice (all veggies) and it wasn’t so bad. I added one apple just to take the edge off….I drank about 3 bottles of water today and also a carrot apple and pineapple juice. I finally made it out of the house to take out the trash and hit walmart at the last second so the lines would be moving faster and bought a much needed strainer for my juice. I felt a lil winded after coming up the steps back into the house which isn’t normal, so I thought maybe I needed to do more juice and so I was doing a veggie mix and got the bright idea to toss in a tomato ( BAD IDEA BAD IDEA) and so it is now just sitting here looking at me…like are you really going to waste all these veggies and not drink me…and the answer is…YES. I’m not drinking it…it tastes awful..and by awful, I mean bad. I’ve had some terrible drinks in my day, but this takes the cake. That ‘mater just ruined my awesome juice and now I feel bad because I need to drink some juice but I don’t WANT IT lol…and also its a waste…and I don’t have veggies (i.e. money) to waste but I also am kind of lacking the willpower to force the issue. I juiced a lemon and added it to it and it made it less awful…(of all things, imagine a lemon making it better, IT HAS TO BE BAD). Yesterday I was so jazzed and also, I’ve lost about 4 pds…lol…so jazzed I should be, BUT dudes, I am starting to feel the negative, starting to feel myself waning and I’m like, seriously, on the second day? ridiculous.

o also, this morning when I woke up at 4am of all times, I had a very little oatmeal, (like the real rolled oats, i don’t do that instant stuff). My tummy was doing some weird things and I felt like I needed it. It was about a 1/4 cup of oatmeal and I ate a couple of bites before deciding I didn’t really want it and moving on. I also had a couple of fingers of honey ) lol…because honey is yummy. I started drinking detox tea and also a cup of Smooth move and so…we shall see what the morning weigh in shall yield. I have too much juice on my tummy tonight to get an accurate read…and the scale has been fluctuating like mad…but the low end hit 240 so…I’m thinking I’ll be there or somewhere around it in the morning on an empty tummy, also, I have to get my workout in or try to…I think I may just have to break down and make a different juice so I can feel confident doing a workout. I don’t want to squander one day of this feast, rather for 2 weeks or 30 days…so I need to walk and work out each day to give my body optimum opportunity to release the pounds.

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