5/24/13 — 342.6 — Need a new approach

May 24, 2013Well, I’m going to try to go with a 5/2 IF plan as what I’m doing isn’t working too well right now.  On the 5/2, you have two days a week where you eat only 500 calories per day.  The other 5 days, you’re allowed to eat whatever you want.  Now being realistic, that isn’t going to work if what is eaten are thousands of calories, but the 5/2 approach is kind of like mixing up the eating.  Actually, even with being on a 500 calorie, I’ll be able to eat two meals.  I was surprised at how easy it is to have enough to eat.  The big challenge will be with avoiding the snacking in the evening.I will still be counting the calories and the sodium and will look at the carbs.  But it may be more from a research perspective.  For example, I’ll figure out what I’m going to eat that day, record it, and as long as the sodium is low enough, I’ll just go ahead and eat it and try the 5/2 approach.  I saw on the 3fc site where even with using the IF approach, that you have to watch your calories during the 5 days.  In other words, I may be able to have closer to 1500 – 1800 calories on the 5 days, but we’ll see.  I’m going to give it a couple of weeks to get me into the 330s.  If it’s working, then I’ll stick with it.  I am having trouble with not getting carbs to eat.  They are too important to me to just totally give them up.Weight Lost:  54 pounds

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