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Wow. It’s great to be back! I would like to give a million reasons and excuses for why I haven’t been blogging.  However no one wants to hear any excuses and excuses are just another way for me to not take responsiblity for not losing weight, and for not blogging. I haven’t not made the best effort as I can. I however had made some lifestyle changed. I just haven’t blogged them.  I honestly didn’t try to hard to blog either. However, a certain someone wouldn’t stop reminding me to blog. The other day I told him “Look I have lost like five pounds.” He said to me “I wouldn’t know you haven’t blogged about it”, and that totally hit me. I’m like its time to come back! So to you… (You know exactly who you are) Thank you! Please continue to watch me in my weight loss journey!

Recently I have given up pop, except the occasional one like maybe once a week. I have given up candy bars, and things with an extreme amount of calories in them. I also have joined jazzercise! Its a fun creative dancing/aerobic weight loss class. I love it! Its so great! I am going to start blogging once a week! Look forward to next week when I weigh and measure in!! 🙂

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I have posted a few times… But some reason they haven’t stayed! So I’m going to try this again!


So I have started doing P90! Its different than the popular P90x you hear about! Its a step down. Basically the beginner version! On top of that I have also started following the P90 diet! Which consists of 1600 calories a a day for me! That was calculated on my weight and height! However I have decided not to really make me weight public quite yet. There is just something about that, that has made me nervous! So for now. I”m going to make myself accountable to someone.  You guys have already heard about him in my previous post! His name is Kevin. He so far has been one of my rocks in this whole life style/diet thing.. .He keeps me on my toes! Kevin will have my measurements by the end of the week! I’m pretty excited! I have already noticied change! Pants I have bought three months ago are already a little loose! Its a good feeling! I know a lot of it has been because I have given up pop! That was my biggest problem! When I go out to a resturaunt I drink water with lemon in it! 🙂 It really makes a difference. The next time you go to eat something take a look at the calories! You would be suprised how much is in there! 🙂 Until next time! STAY HEALTHY!!!

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Sorry its been a little bit since I have posted a blog! Quite a few things have happend and I just haven’t had the time! I got a new car! And My world aka (My Cat) Mongo passed away. So please forgive me not posting. My family is in mourning!

Things have been going alright! I’m still drinking NO pop! Unless its diet. However I’m finding myself drinking water more. I have hit the gym a few times… Not like I had first anticipated. With everything that has been going on I haven’t had as much time! I will however start this week going every day again! Its one of those things were you start strong and then life throws curveballs at you and you end up slowly dying down! I need to kick myself up again! Check out my next blog in a few more days to see if I have made those changes! 🙂

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Last night I went I went home and the realization hit me! I’m really going to do this! I’m going to be healthy! Than it hit me… How? How can I do this? How can I be the person I want to be? How can I not give up! I wondered about that all night and I constantly thought to myself there is no way I’m going to be able to do this… I went to Applebees for Karaoke to have some fun. Thinking to myself I just need to get out of my brain for a little bit. Little did I know I would be getting some life changing words to help me be the person I want to be!  Kevin (one of lincoln’s finest karaoke dj’s) told me something that I think will ALWAYS stay with me. I told Kevin that every morning when I wake up I hate myself… I hate the way I look, the way I feel. I never feel good enough. I want to be the person I’m going to be in 6 months now! Than Kevin tells me to start loving myself now. See myself as the person i’m going to see in 6 months and work at it! Every day! Keep that routine! At this point he doesn’t know it but I’m holding back tears! Words of encouragement is a BIG help! Kevin than proceeds to tell me the best way to work out, to avoid knee strain since I am a bigger girl! Tells me which machines are best and just encourages me. He tells me not to worry about how much weight I have lost but focus on inches! Gives me encouragement that I can do it. He even encourages my four year old to keep tabs on my work outs!  Kevin is all full of tips that I’m just soaking up! Best piece of advice though  was to buy a pair of jeans to small for me! Put them somewhere  I have to look at EVERY SINGLE DAY! Than make the best damn effort to fit into those jeans! So tonight I’m going shopping for a pair of jeans! A pair that will be hanging on my fridge as a constant reminder to watch what I eat. Last night was a big help and step up for this journey I am embarking on! I would like to thank Kevin for those words! And thank him in advance because I know he is one person that will be encouraging and not lettting me give up in the future! And to everyone else who is encouraging me and standing by my side I appreciate it! More than you know! Thursday I will have my starting weight and goals and inches on here! That way the journey truly begins! Thanks for reading MUCH LOVE….


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This is my first official blog! I’m not going to lie… Kinda nervous! For those who judge…. You can just get off my page! If your going to hate on me or make fun of me for being a plus sized girl! You can just hit exit and get off my page! I don’t care to hear you make fun of me or say she never took care of herself or whatever other nasty things you can think of!  Now thats out of the way!…..


My goal in all honesty is to be healthier, skinnier, prettier! I want to lose weight, feel healthier and look better, so I can be happy with myself! I know I’m a beautiful person on the inside. But sometimes us girls need to feel it on the outside to! My goal is to lose 100 pounds! In an upcoming blog I will give you my weight my official goal and some progress! Here is a few things I’m doing now!

Step 1: NO MORE POP- Did you know it takes an hour of a hardcore work out to burn off one bottle of pop? I didn’t! Is it really worth it? Not for me!

Step 2: No more fast food- The food contains too many calories! I don’t even want to count!

Step 3: Working out: My workout buddy Katie (you will hear about her time to time) encourages me to work out everyday! And If I don’t there is hell to pay! Lol.. But seriously she has been encouraging me alot and I think her friendship and support will be very beneficial to my weight loss!

Step 4: Burlesque: I have the burlesque workout Dvd and let me tell you its a fun way to work out! Try it!

                          Those are just a few things i’m doing to get started! Keep checking out my blog to see more! Thanks

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This is me Bekah! But if your reading my blog you might already know that! I started this blog as a way to share my life changing and weight loss journey! I’m ready for a new me. A better me, a better looking me, and a better feeling me! Its ALL about me now! 🙂  This blog will follow my weight loss ups and downs and my life! I hope through people reading will find encouragement. Will encourage me! I encourage you to leave your comments and thoughts! Advice to! Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog and I hope you follow along on my journey!

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