Goodness sorry I’m blogging so late! I’m just so busy lately it’s hard to get on at the moment- specially since we have a short week and tomorrow is only a half day also!

Some good news is I have another exam I’m going to- I passed the first now I’ll be heading to the second exam! I’ve got to fly up again (yay) but this time I’m going to spend the night and my oral exam is at 8 am on January 6th. So this trip will probably cost $400 instead of the $300 I paid last time (for the hotel and more meals). I hope I do well (I’ve got a lot of studying to do from now till then) so I get an interview- from what I understand only the TOP TEN applicants (possibly top 20) will get an interview. As of now I assume it’s going to be me and about 50 people who will be taking this oral exam. I’ve got to do better than about 80% of the people who go then! I’m nervous as heck- and honestly lately that’s made me not hungry- isn’t that funny? Before I’d be eating and eating and eating- today I could barely swallow my medication and food is the LAST thing on my mind. I guess that shows how far I’ve come cuz I’m not turning to food for comfort right now (yay). I am VERY nervous about this test- I won’t lie! :(

Last night got home, found out about the exam, and then booked my flight, made dinner- ate a HUGE taco salad (omg so good), lettuce, tomato, onion, I crumpled up one shell for some crunch, also put in very lean ground beef (93% lean) with taco seasoning on it. Added a sprinkle of cheese, some avocado, a squirt of sour cream, and tons of salsa instead of any dressing. It was so good! Then literally it happened- food coma- I was so tired! I decided to take a shower and literally was in bed before 8 pm! Was asleep by 9 and when I woke up at 5:30 this morning I was totally refreshed! Funny thing was I was so out of it yesterday that I thought it was Wednesday already! When my hubby was talking to me I was nodding off and then before I showered I had him put the trash cans out with me- this morning when I realized TODAY is Wednesday I was like “why didn’t you tell me it was Tuesday? We put the trash cans out early!” He replied he thought I knew something he didn’t lol. Silly hubby :p

Not much else to say for today. I’ve got to finish my last scarf (yay) and then wrap the last presents before Christmas (the scarves I’ve completed). Today I’m making an easy dinner (whole grain spaghetti with ragu and salad on the side). I also plan on spending some time with hubby and the fids- poor Broccoli was crying this morning when I had her so I felt terrible- I’ve been neglecting the fids and hubby with all the stuff I have going on- totally not fair to them :(

Have a good holiday everyone! I’m off to catch up with you all! This will probably be my last blog for the rest of the week.

Cookie Party!

Eh- uh- yay? Seriously I didn’t want to participate in this party- but I was suckered into it IMO. Not only by my coworkers but by my husband (aw babe please make the cookies I want some). The girls bugged and bugged and so I ended up making mint chocolate chip cookies (5 dozen). Took me a few hours last night- I had a hard time finding mint extract and mint chocolate chips. I found the mint extract (3 stores later) but never found the mint chocolate chips so I bought two packages of Andes Mints and crushed them up and added them to the dough I made. I also made a dozen hard boiled eggs for the party since we are supposed to bring some breakfast item also (seriously they don’t ask for much do they?). Funny thing is my sister said the same thing I was thinking “you are bringing HOW MANY cookies home?” The plan is to bring them home and then on Christmas day send them straight over to my husband’s aunt’s house lol! I don’t want them at ALL! Hubby better get his fill from now till then :p

I didn’t realize my camera was dead but I found this picture online- close to what they look like:

Yesterday after I didn’t get home till like 6:30 and was baking and so on till 9 I barely found time to eat so I ate in between batches and then showered and went to bed- I was just too dead to workout. And don’t worry I only ate one bite of one cookie- I was saturated with mint smell I didn’t even want to TRY them lol. But I did- and they are good- so that’s good :) Can you believe it though according to my recipe ONE cookie is 110 calories! *GASP* Yeah gonna stay away from the cookies today! I’m going to eat my hard boiled eggs and take the cookies home- we are supposed to taste them to judge- but hey you can only ask so much of me! :p

Another busy day today (not at home thank goodness). Maintenance on 8 machines, make up some safety solutions for our burn kits (we never use these but it’s fine to have them on hand), and put away some orders, and so on :) When I get home I’m making Tacos for dinner (begged by my sister) but I’ll make a large taco salad for myself to go with my portion instead of using taco shells :)

Have a good day everyone!

I am back!

Woo hoo! I’m back- the test went very well! So even though total with all the little extras when I got there (food and gas) I spent about $300- but hopefully it pays off. Now I have to wait and see- I’m crossing my fingers :D

All my christmas shopping is done- everything is wrapped except for one present! I’ve got two more scarves to make and one I will have finished tonight :D

Saturday I did nothing- I was so drained- I got home the night before at like 9:30 pm and went straight to bed. I woke up at 9 am! Then I just kind of puttered around all day. I did like two errands and got my new cell phone:

It is pretty freaking sweet! Cost a pretty penny but With the rebate and money my mom’s giving me for Christmas I should only be paying like $100 out of pocket :) Hubby is getting one too- yay for him- he’s been using it almost as much as me lol- he’s in LOVE with my phone but then again he’s a gadget man so I’m not surprised.

Sunday was definitely better- got up, got off my butt, cleaned the house top to bottom (let me tell you it looked like a hurricane went through it), went grocery shopping, cooked some stuff, spent time with my brother, and more! I watched the original french version of “The Birdcage” and I liked it- it was definitely funny and I saw a lot of where the actors got their inspiration for the characters- specially Nathan Lane’s character. It’s in French so it was subtitled- and the movie is from 1978- but I definitely enoyed it :) It’s called “La Cage Aux Folles.”

I think that’s the great thing about netflix- you can find pretty much any movie with them :)

Work has been very busy for me lately- learning a lot more new stuff and progressing- I don’t know how my time will go with this blog. Specially if I get the position. Really the reason I have so much time to blog is cuz being an assistant there isn’t much for me to do- but if I become an analyst that’ll change and I’ll have to re-evaluate. Either I will start blogging at night or I may stop- but that definitely does not mean my journey has ended! I still have a ways to go AND refuse to quit till I’m there! I’m going to be 27 on January 15th- I want to be 28 and thin- I want this year to be the LAST year I say that my new years resolution is to lose weight!

Anyways- I’m off to catch up with you guys, get back to work, and then I’m fully back on the workout train! Eating wasn’t terrible- but at the same time it wasn’t the best in terms of carbs. Woke up today at 208.5 so I’m going to say I’m pretty decent at maintaining at least. I’m still 3 lbs over what I was before thanksgiving- but that’s okay- it could have been worse right?

Have a good day everyone!

Checking in

Sorry I haven’t really been around- I’ve been SO busy with work- training at work to learn more things and then studying at night for my test on Friday- and also running around trying to get things done for Christmas! This is how I’m feeling lately:

Haven’t worked out- food is okay- not terrible but not the best carbwise- maintaining from 209-210 so I’m okay with that. After the hectic holidays and my test are over I should be able to refocus again. :D

Since I’ve been gone let me tell you about my week: I had the flu starting Thursday- I had to take off from work I was so sick! I spent the weekend taking care of things I’d neglected for two days and then did groceries and laundry. And then yesterday my car broke down at 6 am! It just died on me- which I was totally caught off guard since my car is a 2007 Corolla… Luckily I have Triple A so the tow truck guy took it right over to the dealer and then we took hubby’s car to work instead (I got there TWO HOURS LATE). I do have the extended warranty on my car (smart me) and turns out the ECU (computer) of the car malfunctioned. I was totally covered- not even by the extended warranty but the regular warranty apparently. So I got my car back yesterday evening :D All washed too haha- that’s the great thing about the dealer- they wash your car everytime you take it there :D

Today is a potluck for my section at work- and we are doing a white elephant- no real gifts allowed- you have to bring something random from home. I brought a fondant smoother:

And deviled eggs:

Totally forgot to wrap my present so at like 5:50 am I frantically wrapped my present lol. Looks terrible BUT I don’t care- I did it like that on purpose- yeah that’s my story I’m sticking to it!

Anyways- I got to go- got some DNA to extract and quant then from there I have to send out some kits, speak with a representative from RAININ and then get ready for the party! I hope everyone is having a good holiday so far! I promise I’ll be back on the blog bandwagon next week!

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Goodness who else watched TBL?! I’ll get into my day’s recap before I discuss TBL.

Yesterday was a good day overall, obviously went to work- which was very busy yesterday, and on my lunch break went down to Michael’s with a coworker and got some more yarn- they were having a sale so I got more yarn for the afghan I’m making my sister and then got some yarn for scarves :D I’m almost done with my mom’s scarf yay! I’m sending out her Christmas Presents this weekend so that she should get it in time for Christmas. After work I got home and tidied up, actually went and lay down for a bit cuz I had a headache, I took ibuprofen and after a while felt okay. Got up and started using my knifty knitter :D Funny thing was the fids were afraid of it so for a change I did it in peace ;) They just played together on their cage which is FINE BY ME! lol. I made dinner which was that active lifestyle pasta with ragu sauce- I think I used the garden vegetable one. And of course grated parmesan cheese (yum). Hubby LOVES pasta so he gobbled it up and didn’t say a word against it- didn’t even complain about the noodles. I didn’t pair it with any salad or anything cuz I didn’t feel like it lol. I’d had a large salad for lunch earlier in the day so I wasn’t worried and I didn’t want to push it with hubby lol. My sister did make herself a small side salad to go with hers. Then after dinner cleaned up, did the dishes, and went back to my knifty knitting. I am really happy with my purchase- the knifty knitter only cost me $8! My husband was calling me a cheater lol- I was like leave me ALONE it’s not cheating it’s being efficient :p I didn’t work out yesterday cuz I really want to crank out my projects. I’ve got 4 scarves to do and my sister’s blanket to finish ALL by christmas! *faint* But today I will work out first thing :D Today when I get home I have to take hubby’s car in because there is still an issue with the tire and fender. Then when I get home I’m going to work out, make dinner (I’m thinking something with peas- I’m CRAVING peas), then shower and knifty knit the rest of the night lol.

Okay back to TBL! First of all, I thought everyone looked great. I was very proud of them all. Sean got so CUTE! And then when Tracey came out I was like WOW! She looked amazing. And Abby I thought looked wonderful, I was so happy for her and hope she finds happiness. She overcame so much, I admire her strength to keep on living despite her loss. Antoine and Alexandra were so cute and I was guessing he was going to propose to her on the show- and when he did I still cried with them and was like say yes! lol. I’m pretty sure those two ladies hugging were their mothers lol. And OMG Julio?! TALK ABOUT STUD- I was like oh goodness hello Latin LU-VAH! He was so suave and debonaire! I thought he was going to win until I saw Rebecca- I was like omg who is that supermodel?! Though I won’t lie I liked the brown color better than the blonde. And maybe it’s just me but part of me felt like she was being a sore winner- running around the stage and jumping into people’s arms. I always felt her little celebration dance was a little over the top honestly. And are her and Daniel still dating? I thought it odd at the end she ran and jumped on Sean and not Daniel- but that’s just me. I thought Shay did well also- but she still has a ways to go sadly. I was like dude it sucks to lose a whole person and STILL be overweight :( But she definitely has motivation to keep going!

With the final three I knew Amanda had no chance- out of all the contestants she was pretty low on the totem poll. I mean 9 of the people who went home did better than her percentage-wise. But whatever- yay for her- I still think she’s a whiner :p

Danny and Rudy OMG totally impressed me- when I saw Rudy I was like he looks great- then when I saw Danny I was like omg TOTAL transformation! And when he won I was very glad. I wanted him to win :D At the end it looked like his wife and family had also lost weight- good for them!

I don’t know if I’ll watch next season though- two hours at a time is too much- I think that show can be cut down to 1 hour honestly. And online that seems to be most people’s complaints- that the show is just too long.

Anyways- I’m off to read blogs and then get work done :D Have a good day everyone!

It’s raining men

And the rain came down, down, down. It basically poured all day yesterday- from the morning, from when hubby picked me up, and from when we got home- we had a small blackout for a while but the power came on again quickly. I got candles out just in case. It wasn’t raining this morning though yay. Look at the gloom outside:

Anyways- on to the photos- that’s what we came here for right?! lol.

Here’s the stage at The Shout House before the show started:

My sister and her friends:

My friend and I:

The Pianists! (they would switch up as you’ll see in other photos)

My sister’s on the stage for her happy bday song- they sing a cute song for you and tease you on stage when it’s your bday: She looks so cute :)

As you can see she doesn’t trust him right there lol

And the complimentary bumper sticker:

More of me and my sister and her best friend!

Proud Mary! Rolling on a river!

Okay I have to show this in sequence because it’s hilarious- at one point they started singing it’s raining men and they got all the guys to come on stage lol :D They start out modest then go WILD!

Haha- that’s the jist of it- ladies if you ever come around we have to go- it’s a BLAST- specially if you like music and don’t mind raunchy fun ;)

Also as promised my Christmas Table:

My sister wants to decorate and I’m like eh yeah…. go ahead- I’m done lol.

Back to yesterday- I ate well all day and worked out 45 minutes- I got two charlie horses during that time and that stopped me- but I did well. Breakfast was a whole wheat bagel with hummus (yum). Lunch was cauliflower and carrots and broccoli with ranch and a few meatballs a coworker brought in. Dinner was green beans, grilled chicken (yeah instead of baked), and a whole grain dinner roll. I did have a few starburst and yelled at hubby to put them away lol. At least starburst aren’t TOO bad vs other candy. And hubby ate dinner with me and didn’t complain- so I’m proud of him for trying.

Somehow- don’t ask me how lol- I am now “obligated” to have sex with hubby 3x a week now- I guess because he’s at the point he feels he’s doing it for me and not himself- so apparently I have to do something for him lol. THOUGH I’m not complaining because I have a very generous LU-VAH (and yes I said that like Will Ferrel and Rachel Dratch from the Lover’s skits on SNL). Only thing I didn’t like was that he put salt on his veggies (ew). I was like I’ve coated them lightly with EVOO and garlic- you need salt too?

And now I leave you with what my fids love to do when mommy is crocheting:

Seriously they are LUCKY they are adorable :p

Have a good day everyone- I got TONS to do today!!

Rainy Monday

Hey all, today is a rainy day in San Diego. It’s insane- we drove to work driving like 50 miles per hour- which I’m not complaining about because I was very happy that today people seemed to be prepared for the rain- didn’t really see any jerks on the road- though I won’t lie the whole time I was praying that we’d arrive to work safely.

My nuvigil finally came in- so yay! I started yesterday and my goodness a world of difference ALL. OVER. AGAIN. Saturday I got a lot done but I was very tired- I got some shopping done, groceries done, and took my sister out to the Shout House (photos will be up tomorrow I PROMISE), it was a lot of fun but the “kiddies” got tired and wanted to go home BEFORE 10! My friend and I were like we aren’t ready to go home yet!! So my sister gave me her car keys and her friend who lives a block away dropped them off at home. At 11 my friend and I decided to go home- but then we hadn’t had a drink for over 2 hours and I’d been drinking water the whole time since then so I wasn’t worried. Got my friend and I home safely and then went to bed and within minutes was gone to the world! lol.

On Sunday I got up at 9 am, took my pill, and then went to my FIL’s for breakfast- which by the time we got there I was STARVING… I had biscuits (1 biscuit) and gravy (half had gravy- I don’t like a lot of gravy), eggs, bacon, and some wheat toast with Jam (I was STARVING okay!?). I was missing me some biscuits and gravy let me tell you! I also had coffee to wake me up. I needed that fuel because after that I went shopping with hubby for THREE hours and got all my christmas shopping done except for one person. But I know what I am getting that one person- so it’s all good :D I started wrapping and tomorrow will show you my “Christmas table” lol. I just don’t feel like dealing with a tree and knowing my fids they’ll be scared of the tree lol. I’ve got a mini tree up, you’ll see tomorrow ;)

Then after we got home- put the stuff away- then got dressed for my coworker’s Christmas party. She’d bought the house recently so I got her a nice house-warming gift:

I won’t lie- I got this as a gift a while back- but I’ve never opened it. I’m not a cognac person. And then for Thanksgiving I got ANOTHER bottle- I was like crap I got to get rid of one of these lol. So I gave away the “cheaper” one- and it’s still a $30 bottle! I hope it’s an appropriate house-warming gift. ;) My coworker was surprised at what I brought lol. So we get to the party, there’s TON’s of food and honestly I wasn’t even that hungry! I had three pieces of shrimp, some fruit, some veggies with this yogurt dip, a taste of brie (oh yeah it was good) and spinach dip on wheat crackers. Sounds like a lot but actually it’s not cuz it was all on one of those plates that you use for cake- the mini red ones. Oh and I also had a meatball- my husband was in LOVE with the meatballs- I think he ate a dozen lol! He said I “had” to try one. Oh and to drink I had a glass of white wine and a bottle of water.

We only stayed for like an hour and a half- I was honestly spent for the day- I hadn’t been home really since 9:30 am and had a lot to do. When we got home we did the dishes, we let the fids out to play with each other, we cleaned the house, started wrapping our presents, and got my lunch ready for today. Also I got some more crochet done woo. I’ve still got like 3 scarves to do and I haven’t finished my sister’s lap afghan- so I’m going to have to kick it into gear! I got a knifty knitter to help me with the scarves:

It’s sort of like a loom you wrap the yarn around and then pull out to the center and makes a scarf quickly :D You can make all SORTS of stuff with the different knifty knitters, hats, scarves, purses, etc, but right now I need scarves lol.

Today breakfast is my whole wheat bagel with cheese on top, lunch is a large salad, and dinner is green beans with baked chicken and probably some whole wheat bread rolls. Hubby and I had a serious talk this weekend- his MS seems to be giving him a lot of issues- I begged him to please follow the MS diet- I told him I’d do it with him and so would my sister. He says he will so today I am putting it in place. I plan on making sure the chicken is flavorful and moist, the green beans have a good crunch and flavor, and the rolls should make him feel that he isn’t totally deprived lol (whole wheat rolls). I can’t deal with him not taking care of himself when he should be- specially when he keeps having small episodes then feeling embarassed about them. I’ve read around and the MS diet is mostly VERY low fat- I mean like less than 20 grams of fat a day! I’ll try to get us that low- but it’s going to be tough! I think though that any oils like olive oil and so on don’t count towards the fat goal- which is GOOD or I’d be sweating it lol.

Today is a busy day- hubby’s medicine is coming in today, then taking his car in for repair, then after that making dinner, working out, and then knifty knitting the rest of the night! Have a good day ladies!


Man I am SO thankful it’s Friday… I’m tired (so what else is freaking new right), I’m not feeling well- I swear my body is trying to get sick), and I’m slammed with work. I’ve been given four projects to complete and I’m like OMG when do you want this again!? lol. 1 is easy I’ll have done today, the other two will take some work and the last one will take me forever, I’m putting that one off till last cuz I’ll probably have to head over to UCSD and go through a few of the libraries to get all the articles. I’d say that’ll take me a few days as well.

Today is another busy day at work, I already made up 10 “suspect” rape kits. Talk about sexist- the male kits are called “suspect” and the female kits are called “victim.” I told my boss they should just be called male and female rape kits. Call me anal but suspect and victim just doesn’t sound right to me lol.

Saturday night going out to the Shout House woo! It’s going to be a BLAST. I’ve been there a few times before and always loved it. It’s basically a big bar and there are two guys on stage playing the piano and singing. They’ll play whatever you want for a small fee- cuz that’s how the pianists earn their money- totally fair IMO. It’s fully of raunchy jokes and if it’s your birthday they’ll embarass you on stage- good times :D We reserved for a party of 8 and I had to pay for that reservation. $40 which isn’t bad but everyone better show! lol. I brought a friend of mine and my sister has 5 friends coming. I can’t wait :D If you still aren’t sure about the Shout House- here’s a picture to indicate just how much fun it is lol.

Not much else to say today- tons to do so I’m going to go read your posts and get to work!

You have to spend money to make money

Eh… You all know I work in forensics and currently I’m trying to get a position as a full criminalist and not an assistant. Well let me tell you it is NOT easy at all. Besides the fact you have to be really smart and work your ASS off, it’s hard to find a good paying position when hundreds of people apply for the same job you do AND most likely you WILL have to travel to the area. That’s where I’m at today- I got a message the other night for a position I applied for in November. I have to fly to San Francisco, CA on Friday, December 18th for a written exam and I will also need to rent a car. I’m not driving because it’s an 8 hour drive and I don’t want to put 1,000 miles on my car in one trip and have to deal with 16 hours of driving for a test. 8 hours of driving sounds EXHAUSTING as it is…

So I booked a flight ($210 with Southwest Airlines) and got a rental car ($35 with Dollar car). I’ve taken that Friday off- I’ll be flying to SF Friday morning at 6:45 am and I’ll be taking the test at 11 am and my return flight is at 6 pm. I chose a later flight home because I want to make sure that I have plenty of time to take the test. I’m taking my crochet with me to keep busy.

The test is going to cover Forensic Biology and Blood Alcohol/Toxicology- yeah does not sound fun! I have the next two weeks to study my BUTT off and then from there hopefully hear back for an interview- to which I’ll probably have to fly out AGAIN… But that’s the name of the game- unless you want to wait around forever to get a position in your city- and even then it’s not guaranteed you’ll get something. But if you don’t spend some money and get yourself out there then you’ll never get where you want to be!

Anyways- yesterday was another good eating day overall- I did take my brother out for dinner and he also wanted mexican- in fact we went to the same place lol! This time I had water with my meal and I had a fish taco with rice and beans. Man that fish taco was good… Woke up this morning at the same weight as yesterday so that’s not too bad- but now birthdays are out of the way also YAY!

When I got home and spoke with two clients and worked on a client’s site- it’s about 80% complete at this point. It should be done next week and then I’ll get paid the rest of the balance- WOOT! I’m frustrated with our other client cuz he asked me for a certain layout- and then I did what he’s asked- I’ve worked on the site a month- so he then tells me he wants something else and shows me an example from another site. I’m like dude I just spent a MONTH on this… *sigh* So I told him he can change it up this one time- but if he makes me scratch something again after working on it a month I’ll be charging him an additional $200. He didn’t seem happy about that but it’s like really- I showed him the basic layout weeks ago and he said yes- I don’t want him to do it to me again. I told him if I show you a layout and you don’t like it- don’t make me work on it- let me get something else! My husband wants to give him his money back, I’m like uh no…. I know for sure he’d want it all back and we’ve done too much work IMO to give it all back!

I had a terrible headache all day yesterday (nothing seemed to work) and usually when I get like that I know I’m getting sick. Sure enough I woke up with a sore throat! My body is just asking for illness it seems! I’m not sucking on halls and downing “tylenol sore throat.” I had made a salad for lunch today but changed my mind cuz that just sounds scary today lol. I’m going to go to the convenience store next door and see if I can find a soup that’ll be okay to eat today. I’m not eating my usual breakfast of a whole wheat bagel with laughing cow cheese but instead some babybel soft cheese and a banana- yeah I know- breakfast of champions lol.

Not much else to report- really I think I’ve said it all except my blood type: B negative if you were curious!

Have a great day everyone :D I’ve got some meetings today and then afterwards I’ll come check on your blogs!


Anyone else watch the Biggest Loser last night? Like Rudy and the others, I asked myself why I lost control and went overboard, then I blogged and LindaT said: “it is a new day and yes forgive yourself, but unless we have a plan of action we are doomed to keep repeating the pattern…”

And she’s right- of course she’s right. So I sat down and was like okay- what happened?

Thinking back I ate out quite a bit honestly do to the stress of my MOM. There was a lot of arguing at home, there was a lot of leaving the house to avoid confrontation, and cuz of that there was very little cooking and working out…. Not to mention my mom’s cooking isn’t exactly the healthiest for me carb-wise.

I’m not blaming my mother for all of my over-eating but honestly her two week visit was VERY stressful to me and I think part of the reason I overate quite a bit. I love my mother but I don’t like her because she argues with me about everything. Even if I just say “okay mom, yes, I’ll do that” or “yes you are right” or whatever it’s still an argument. To the point where I have to yell at her “STOP- can you just STOP? What more do you want from me? I said OKAY…” I also think the other part is just the exhaustion to be honest, besides being exhausted from my mother, I was exhausted from not sleeping well, I called and received a new mask and got that Monday- slept better overall.

The other reason I know is because I am constantly tired and feel a lack of energy, but clean eating does help with this. Weekends workouts are easier for me because I can get in 10 hours of sleep, but weekdays unless I go to bed at 8 I’m not getting ten hours- another reason that I’m eager for my prescription :)

I tried to work out but after a few minutes on the treadmill felt dizzy and stopped cuz I didn’t want to over-exert myself. I slept another few hours during the day and got up after that and took care of a few things around the house. Got 2 loads of laundry done and a client’s site updated. Then I fixed a friend’s computer I’ve had for a few weeks and also started a scarf for my mom (though I don’t think she deserves it to be honest).

I called in my prescription and am getting a 3 month supply mailed to me- I was told it should be here within a week- so in the meantime I’ll just do my best till then. I will concentrate mainly on diet and then when the pills come and I feel more energetic I will go back to workouts. This morning I already have a terrible headache and didn’t sleep well last night despite one more dose of Nyquil.

Biggest Loser last night was good even though it was on late. I’m really rooting for Danny- when I saw him on the update I was like omg he looks like he’s lost a TON more weight- and when it said how much he lost I was like OMG that’s AMAZING! It’s no surprise Liz and Amanda were on the bottom since they don’t have anywhere near as much to lose as the guys. I don’t know about you all but I voted for Liz- there is something about Amanda that annoys me- maybe it’s her whiney-ness, I don’t know- but I just don’t really care for her. I’m happy she’s lost so much but that’s about it lol.

So my food for yesterday was:
Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with ham and peas (don’t ask I wanted peas for some reason), sprinkled with cheese (1 oz), 2 slices bacon, and 1 slice whole wheat toast.
Lunch: leftover chicken fajitas with red/green peppers and onion with 1 la tortilla 50 cal wrap. 2 oz’s pickles on the side.
Snack: 2 tiny yellow mangos
Dinner: sauteed shrimp and snap peas with a cup of brown rice. I cooked the brown rice, then cooked the snap peas with olive oil, adobo seasoning, garlic, and curry and tossed in the shrimp at the end till they were hot. Mixed it all together and YUM. I have leftovers for work tomorrow too! :D

Weighed in at 210.5 this morning- ug- but that’s okay. My hubby’s been asking me how much I weigh and I’ve told him don’t ask me that- anything but that. He says he doesn’t care but I DO. For Christmas he bought me the Gowearfit and I’m so excited! I told him that my challenge to accept that is to eat clean till then and exercise anytime I can so that when I get the gowearfit I am up to speed!

I’m not getting the one with the monitor because I don’t feel $100.00 more is worth it just to see things “live.” I can easily just plug it in nightly to see my stats.

Thanks for being so great everyone- now I’m off to check out your blogs!

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