Liar liar plants for hire

Haha anyone else here watch Spongebob? That’s where the title comes from in case you were wondering.

Today I am not sure if I believe the scale. I looked at the number, I see it, I stepped on and off a MILLION times. But I am like this can’t be possible. I’m not saying the number- but tomorrow when my offical weigh in happens we’ll see. The scale can’t be wrong two days in a row? And my scale isn’t old, I bought it less than a year ago and my sister says it’s very accurate with her doctor’s scale.

My scale corrected me and told me it’s pants on fire- to which I replied “you WOULD know…” lol 😉

I guess it’s just hard for me to believe I have dropped to such a low weight, specially considering I went out last night. I was still good on the carbs, I had fajitas with no tortillas and then a few tortilla chips with salsa (I estimated high on my spark people), I drank water and when they brought out the other appetizer I didn’t touch it (triple dipper with all sorts of yummy stuff! egg rolls, buffalo chicken, and sliders! *cry* lol. The whole time I kept thinking “size 14 jeans!”

Since I couldn’t take a picture cuz I forgot to buy my new memory card *grumble* here’s a picture of what I got, but I didn’t order the rice and beans (you can ask for them as an additional side).

It was a lot of food but I ate every bite and it was DELICIOUS!

My husband’s grandmother called- they want us to come over today for pizza for dinner *cringe*

I told her the doctor said I have to stay away from carbs so they said they’ll make a salad as well- which I guess will work- I plan on eating a snack before I go as well, and maybe I’ll have ONE slice of pizza and that’s it.

Today I have to go grocery shopping and get a memory card. So I’ve got a lot to do before hubby gets home from work (he works this weekend), so have a good Sunday everyone I’ll see you tomorrow morning!

Omelet (egg), 2 large 1
Cheddar Cheese, 1 oz 0
Bacon, 4 medium slices, cooked (raw product packed 20/lb) 0
Breakfast TOTALS: 1

chili’s fajita TRIO 1 skillet, 1 serving 28
Chili’s Fajita Condiments, 1 serving 7
Chili’s Bottomless Tostada Chips with Hot Sauce, 1 basket, 1 serving 26
Linner TOTALS: 61

Sunflower Seeds, with salt added, 1 oz 7

Calories: 1,876
Fat: 133
Carbohydrates: 69
Protein: 103

Carbs 14.7%

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  1. delitaagain on September 27th, 2009

    um, yum. My fav. And now… I’m on a borrowed scale and never know whether to believe it or not. Holding breath for tomorrow… WTG, woman! Delita

  2. marbear24 on September 28th, 2009

    I can’t wait to see if the number stays the same tomorrow 😀
    Woohoo! Go you!

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