Halfway there!!

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So I know that I haven’t been updating this every day like I told myself I would. Things have just been really hectic since my son started school. But I decided to stop by and report my progress. I am currently weighing in at 239. So I just over the halfway hump. 41 lost, 39 to go. =) I’ve gone from a size 24 to a size 18. I’m still shocked about that!

I went shopping at Torrid last night. And their size 2 tops were way too big on me. I got size 1’s, and even the one I’m wearing right now is a little loose. And I tried on 7 pair of size 18 jeans, and every single pair fit! That’s such an amazing feeling, and a little shocking to myself. Makes me feel great! πŸ˜€

Olive Garden…

31 Jul 2011 In: Uncategorized

So….I had a bad meal yesterday. And I know lots of people really beat themselves up about it, but I’m not. Too bad, anyways. I never get to go do anything without my children. And since moving out west, I’ve really only made one friend. So last night, my hubby kept the kids and we went out to dinner. We decided on Olive Garden. And it was soooooo good! I’m up a couple pounds from yesterday, but I hope they will come off soon. And I figure they will. Also, I wore my new size 18 jeans and a juniors size xxl shirt! πŸ˜€ A couple months ago if someone would have asked me if I would be wearing a size 18, I would have said ‘no’. And now, I am just so proud of myself. Can’t wait til I can wear a 16!!

I also didn’t get in my walk yesterday, which does make me feel bad. I rode my horse in the morning for a while. And he didnt try to kill me this time, so it was a good day. LOL. So today, back on plan. And I’ll definitely be getting my exercise in πŸ™‚ Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!


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Well, I’ve been super frustrated lately because I wasn’t losing any weight. I figured it had to do with TOM. And I guess that was correct. Because finally (!!!) this morning I woke up with a 2 lb loss! I’m now only 3 lbs away from 40 lbs gone, which is also my halfway point to goal. I am soooo very excited! After a week of of feeling a little down about it, this is just the motivation I needed!

The plan for today is to dance, do some ab exercises, and then my evening walk. And eat well also. I hope that everyone is doing well!

Still with it

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I know it’s been a few days, but I’m still alive πŸ™‚ I’ve still been eating well, and doing my exercising. I’m still sitting at 245. Hoping to change that soon. Seems that I’m a little stuck there. :/

I’ve been looking for Gertie’s new page. Hopefully they get you taken care of soon!

Well, off to dance πŸ™‚


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Well, I missed a day of reporting to myself on here. Was gone almost all day yesterday. So needless to say, I didn’t eat as well as I have been nor did I exercise as much. The plan was to get back with things today, but so far they have been a little hectic too. Today was my little boys first day of kindergarten. He really enjoyed himself and is excited to go back tomorrow πŸ™‚ yay! I cleaned house while he was gone. And got in 45 minutes of ‘just dance’ on the wii. Now it’s almost 6 pm, and everyone is just getting done eating. We’ve gotta drive about 45 minutes away on an errand, so that means I will miss my walk this evening. And I haven’t done the days exercises for bikini bootcamp. So, it looks like I will be doing those after we get back home.

On a positive note, I am still weighing in at 245 even though I’ve had a couple ‘off’ days. And the pair of size 18 jeans I ordered came today…and guess what?!? Β THEY FIT!!!! I’m so freaking happy!

So, hoping to end today on a good note…and get back with it 100% tomorrow so I can keep seeing those improvements!!


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That one word sums it all up. Today has just been a craptastic day. Went to bed at 2am. Got up at 5am to go ride the horse. That started off ok….we rode probably 2 miles. And then he started being a butthead. Throwing his head, acting like he was going to rear. And me being the scaredy cat that I am, got off. I am NOT willing to take a chance of a broken bone again. Sooooo, I walked back with him pulling my arm the entire way πŸ™ And it was HOT already! Had a trainer ride him when I got back, who told me that he just has an attitude and will test me every time that I ride. Β So then I come home and sleep til 2. Yes, I know how bad that is, but I never get to sleep in! Weighed myself: 245. That’s down 2 more lbs, so that’s the only good thing thats happened today. My legs are just aching like crazy today, and my back. My whole body just hurts. And then, one of my sons little friends comes over to play. And after a little bit, he says that my house is dirty. Now, I know that he probably meant messy and not dirty. Because while there are toys in several places around the house, my house is not dirty. But it just ticked me off soooo bad. And I know he’s a little kid, but still. I sent him home. Soooooooo, hopefully today doesnt end any worse and tomorrow is better than today. We’ll see….

Bikini Bootcamp Update

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Well, today is the first day in a week that I haven’t lost any weight. I’m not sure what all is factoring into that. It might be that the past 2 days have been a little slower in the exercise department. Or that I maybe ate more yesterday (although I don’t think I did)…Or that TTOM started today. I plan to bump up the exercise today and see if that helps.

Anywho, Gertie it won’t let me comment on your page. I tried a few different times, and when I click ‘submit’ it just disappears. So here is my update and I hope that you get them, although they haven’t changed much!





Yummmmy Dinner

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So I just realized that I hadn’t posted today. I meant to earlier, and then forgot. So here I am πŸ™‚ Let’s see. I was really worried that I wouldn’t be down anymore today, since yesterday was such a slow exercise day for me. But when I woke up, I had managed to creep down another lb to 247. And then I realized that I am 7 lbs away from the halfway point! woo hoo!! πŸ™‚

Today, I did some more of the exercises from earlier in the week from B.B. I *think* they might have even been a little easier this time! I cleaned our downstairs too, which is a little bit of a workout. I made some meatballs in the crockpot and I just had some. They were delish!

Waiting for the hubby to get home, and then I’ll get my 2 miles in. I’m sure that will make me feel better. Because even though I’ve still been losing, I feel like I’ve been slacking the last 2 days. Never in my life did I think I would feel bad for not getting enough exercise. LOL. But that’s a good thing!

Goodbyeeee 250! :)

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So yesterday I said hello to 250. And while I was glad to be there, I am much happier to say ‘goodbye’ to it. LOL. I was hoping (praying actually) to hit 249 this morning. And to my surprise (and delight), I am 248. Β I just cannot believe the changes since I A. started the bootcamp and B. changed my diet. That makes 10 lbs gone since Thursday! I am estatic!

Today is going to be a busy day for me. The kids split the cost of a play pool last night. So I’m going to put some water in it and let them play for a while. And then I need to cut Brians hair. I’m making a roast for dinner (yummmmm!). And then it’s “Meet the Teacher” night at the school. On top of doing my exercises, cleaning up some, and making sure I look as presentable as possible for tonight.

Thanks to everyone for their positive support. Couldn’t do it without ya! πŸ™‚

Day 5 mind makeover :)

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Dear lower stomach fat roll:

I am sick and tired of you getting in my way all the time! You make my clothes look bad. You jiggle when I walk. And most importantly, you hit my saddle horn when I ride cisco! This is completely unacceptable!! Therefore, I have drastically changed my diet and exercise routines. And so far, so good. I have incorporated several abdominal exercises, with you specifically in mind. You will be gone as soon as possible. I will look great in my clothes. I will no longer jiggle. And I will sit in my saddle much more comfortably.