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Did a new post instead of a page! General gist…. Down 1lb, food and drink festival was great yesterday and we really enjoyed ourselves! Today is that start of the 5×50 so I am going to go for a walk with my husband, sister and my sister’s boyfriend. I think we’ll kick it off with […]

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Weight: 108.6 BMI: 20.4 Body fat %: 28.5 Muscle %: 28.5 Viceral fat: 3 Calorie thing: 1164

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I just felt a bit down this morning – back at work tomorrow and I don’t feel rested at all. This was meant to be my post where I put on 7lbs eating clam chowder on holiday but instead I am feeling a bit sorry for myself! With all the hospital visits too – the […]

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Another week spent mostly at the hospital! We’re both exhausted emotionally and physically but we’ll be fine! No weight list this week BUT a slight decrease in body fat! I think my weight will be a bit rubbish as I eat out last night. I only lost last weeks pound on Monday so I might […]

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As I mentioned in my last post I have joined a new gym and am on a new exercise programme. I have been on it for almost a week and I have seen some results already. I have bought some new scales that can measure other information. These give more information but I don’t 100% […]

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I joined my new gym today! It was really good, I had a full induction and I had tests done that 6 months ago would have made me cry!! But I wanted to know….. Some good news! My water retention is 52% which means that I drink enough water but I didn ‘t admit that […]

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Where do I start? There were 3 things this week: Gym membership ran out Holiday! Mother-in-law’s operation The plan was, as soon as gym membership ran out (on wednesday) we’d do some walks and exercise at home but the holiday started on Friday and we could relax for a couple of days while we packed […]

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Sunday morning weigh in says -1lb. I think that must be my maximum at the minute! I used to know if it was more as one would come off by we’d and then the rest by Sunday but it’s only going down about Friday. I have enjoyed this week, I have loved the gym this […]

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I thought I would maintain this week as moving house means that I have only been to the gym a handful of times and I have hardly walked. I should have gone to the gym yesterday but my sister came over and we went out for lunch so eat a massive meal – which is […]

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Another pound :o) that makes it a brilliant 50 altogether! I am really happy with that, who’d have thought that I would lose this much at the beginning! I don’t know why I never thought u would do this well. My happy news is spoilt by the fact that I feel quite poorly :o( I […]

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