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I have done two days of volunteering at a country park near work. Me, 3 other members of staff and various children have spent 5 hours at a country park litter picking. My muscles ache after day two and I am so tired!

My stomach is growling like it’s trying to eat itself but my husband is still at work! He better hurry home….. Especially as we were all given an Easter Egg today and mine is downstairs. I’m not craving chocolate but I could eat it!! Haha!

Tomorrow is my final before holiday weigh in. I am proud of myself as I beat my initial target of 140 and ┬áhad to change it – but 133/132 would be amazing. I have done a sneaky weigh in and got 133 but and extra lb would make me dance!! I need to think of a new goal too, as I am in all the first wave of skinny clothes – I got some from wave two washed so I can start seeing whether a thigh will fit in. I never thought I’d be as slim as I was big it is looking promising. One of my skinny jeans have and elastic armed waist (they were from Tammy Girl) so I may try them first!! I loved then 6 years ago…. I hope I can live them now!

March 30th, 2012 at 9:08 am


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