Off to a Great Start!

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I’m eight days into this new diet and am down 7.4 pounds.  Who rocks?  I do!

The thing is, I’m eating like crazy.  3 meals and 4 snacks.  I’m eating constantly.  Of course, they are portion controlled servings and not big honking slabs of beef or entire bags of potato chips.  Everything is healthy.  It’s basically, a high protein/high fiber, low carb/low fat diet at this point.  My options are limited, but my motivation is high so I’m not complaining yet.

Here’s a weird thing.  It was suggested to me by the weight loss counselor I speak to every day on this program that if I was hungry and it wasn’t time to eat, I could drink hot water with lemon juice and cayenne pepper.  What?!  Turns out, I kind of like it and it does seem to suppress my appetite.  I have no scientific proof of this, but I also think it must be a diuretic.  My anecdotal evidence STRONGLY suggests this.

Like I said, I talk to a weight loss counselor everyday on this diet.  She is very nice and seems knowledgeable about weight loss and nutrition.  Still, it’s odd.  She flat out asked me about my bowel movements one day.  That’s a topic I’m not used to discussing on the phone.  Mostly, she asks me what I’ve eaten, makes suggestions about other things I can try, coaches me on challenges like eating out.  I’m trying to decide if I really believe there is value to this daily contact or not.  Jury’s still deliberating that one.

I have dinner out tomorrow night.  I think I’m going the salad with grilled chicken route.  I’m at that high motivation point where other things like pizza and pasta don’t even appeal (crazy!).  I know the day where that changes is coming so I have to enjoy this ability to eat well while I can.


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