What’s That Two Wheeled Thing in My Garage?

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I have a bike.  Up until two days ago, it was buried behind a mountain of Costco buy-in-bulk purchases in the garage.  On Monday, I dug it out.  My legs wobbled at the thought of mounting it.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything more physical than walking from the pantry to the refrigerator.

It really is a shame that my bike has been sitting idle because I have an awesome bike!  Meet the Electra Gigi 3i:
Electra Gigi 3i
How cute is she?  After dusting Gigi off, reinflating the tires, and digging out my helmet, I set off.

I had downloaded the app MapMyRide to my iPhone and earlier that day, I had come up with a route that was 4.5 miles long.  I was not sure I could make it.  I really thought I might be giving the boyfriend a call to swing by with his pick-up truck somewhere around the halfway point.  I’m pleased to report that I made the whole 4.5 mile ride.  I kick butt, suckas!  Yesterday, I went out again and repeated my success, though the wind was blowing like a son of gumdrop and I thought I was stationary at one point despite the fact that I was pedaling like a fool.

Today is day three of my fruit detox.  I really would like to down a loaf of bread and a jar of Skippy right about now, but I will make it to the end of the day.  My will power is strong.


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