Petri Dish

I work in a cubicle jungle, and during this cold/flu season my cubicle feels like a petri dish.  This past week I caught a really bad cold/virus.  Sore throat, sniffles, aches, tiredness.  The only thing it did not do was make me hungry, thank goodness!  It did however make it difficult to drink all my water.   When I don’t drink all my liquids for the day, I feel sluggish and hungry. 

Overcoming emotional eating is still my biggest challenge.  I received some bad news this week, and I immediately felt the urge to find something cruncy and salty and fattening to put in my mouth.   I really had to make an effort to stay away from those things, and instead think about what I need to do to make my situaiton a little bit better.  That did not work everyday, but I would say most days I was successful at not succumbing to the urge to eat due to my emotions. 

I overrate one day this past week, and it happened on the day that I did not work out.   I waited too long to eat and had too many tempting things around me.  So what will I do to change that?  I won’t wait too long to eat, and I won’t have the foods that tempt me laying around so accessible.   And working out makes me feel good…and I want to workout….and I want to feel better.

I fell down, but I put myself upright and am determined to keep going….that’s how we do it, right?

Current Challenges:

  • Quit stuffing my face!
  • Stop picking up hitchhiking viruses/colds!!
  • Keep moving!  Dance, excersize, park far away etc.

Mini-goal for the week ending:

  • 1-9-10 Workout 4x – 45 min sessions; Results: worked out 3x – 45min. 
  • 1-16-10 Wrkout 4x – 45 min session AND drink all water at least 5 of the 7 days.  


  • 1/1/10 – 260.0
  • 1/9/10 – 252.8

And in the beginning..

It is a new decade!  I am committed to losing about 100 lbs this year.  I decided to name this blog The Road, since I know it is a neverending journey.  I know I’ll have ups and downs, but will hopefully use those experiences to keep me moving toward my goal and beyond. 

One of my hopes is to use all experiences (good or bad) and learn from them.  In the past I would have a setback and just giveup.  I want to change the way I view those experiences. 

I am scared and anxious of failing.  I almost gave up on New Year’s eve, trying to convince myself that I was not capable of losing weight, and that I would have to accept my weight as-is for the rest of my life.  What a long dark tunnel that was to climb out of. 

Current Challenges:

  • Making Excersize part of a daily/weekly routine
  • Eating out of boredom or comfort

Mini-goal for the week ending:

  • 1-9-09 – Workout 4 x – 45min sessions. 


  • 1/1/09 – 260.0