Today I will weigh in. I’m nervous :(

I did get to walk some more yesterday. I need to switch things up and I need to find a way to track my miles without using my phone. There has to be a good pedometer or something on the market!

Rain rain, omg will you go away.

I need to invest in a treadmill or something because its been raining so much recently. I’ve barely been walking. Weight is still the same. Tomorrow the sun will be out for most of the day so walking is a must.

I’ve decided to lower my walking goal to 1000 in the next few months. Just for now then I may move it back up. Going for a walk in a few.

Goal missed :(

I have now reached 8.8 miles. So close to my 10 mile goal. Its been raining so much this weekend.

I walked 1.6 miles today which brings my grand total to 5.7! My goal was 2 but the heat was just slaying me. But luckily this weekend I will be hitting up a local fitness trail and I will be sure to hit my 12 mile goal by Sunday. I feel like I am slacking […]

so new blog!

I’m so glad I could get a blog through 3fatchicks. I think this will also help me keep my motivation. I was inspired to get into shape after a hiking trip with my daughter. I realized there was no way I could do our favorite trail because I had gained some extra weight. While we […]