Great day!

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Well I began the c25k podrunner intervals yesterday and believe it or not I am not sore.  I guess all the fast pace walking has eased me to it.  I really wanted in the Turkey Trot 5K today but I had several things at church today.  Wish they did the race on a Saturday.  I did weigh in today and I am done 2 lbs this week. YIPPEE!

Let me know if anyone else does the c25k program.


Restaurant Day

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Well I knew there would be a day when my husband and son wanted to eat Mexican.  This is such a weak point for me!  The chips and salsa- enough for the day.  I did order a shrimp quesadilla which came with beans and rice.  Ate about 3/4 of the quesadilla and 1/2 the sides.  Went home and logged in my food intake and WHAM a 900 calorie lunch!  Ok so I am down 16 lbs and started in September and knew there would be a day when we would eat out.  So I’m not gonna beat myself up, get in some adequate exercise today and very light supper , I will not forget to kick in the water!  Now to get through Thanksgiving!

Blessing to all!

Just a New Day-EveryDay!

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Hello all!  I am a 42 year old mom, school teacher and friend.  I have battled weight up and down and as I approach 50, I do not want to see myself with an illness that could of been prevented.  In September this year, I sat at the computer and could feel my sides bludge and I thought, OH NO!  I got on the scale and I was 205.  When, where and why?  When daily, where all over and why I never watched what I ate.  This is my first blog and I come at you with accountiblity.  I found a great calorie tracker and use it religiously.  I am able to set it to my age, height, weight and goals.  It tells we how much and I track my intake daily.  Hardly work!  Then a add basic fitness such as walking daily from 15-60 minutes.  It has gotten so much easier.  I have hardly went over my caloric intake and PRESTO!  Lost 14 lbs since October 1st.  I already feel better and pants are looser.  I plan to keep this going and tell myself, EVERYDAY is a NEW DAY!  No matter how I feel.

Let me know what is working for you!  I’m loving the butterflies as I can say i’m beginning to Morph:)

Hello world!

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