A New Season in the Sad Pants

September 10th, 2013

New season? Yes: it’s fall. When I diet blog, it has typically been in the summer, but I was blogging elsewhere on non-diet-related issues this summer, so these pages were left untouched. And of all things, I went the whole summer without losing any weight at all. It bounced around a little, but wrapped up pretty much were it started. The reasons are predictable enough: it was summer, and I just did not care enough to work out or stop eating carbs. I had fun. I read things, I did things, I fixed things, I watched things  sometimes (not much compared to the average American, but a lot by my standards: watched the entire run of Orange is the New Black *and* the last few episodes of the Mad Men season, plus internet videos here and there). And I ate things. Things that were baked, with sugar in them. Not to excess, of course, but for me to have any at all is incompatible with weight loss. So, I kept an even keel.

Fall has come and I’m back to work. My pants aren’t fitting me right, so I’m back in the fat pants again. Actually, it’s more often skirts, since I have a number of skirts I can look presentable in when a little over, and the fat pants are too shabby to go to work in.  I’m exercising on a daily basis, and that seriously means six days a week. it’s the third week of that business, and it’s a habit again. But I’m still on the sugar, and I need to get off the sugar.  It’s a demanding semester, every day feels like a hamster wheel all day long and I’m just exhausted all the time. I was hoping the exercise would help with that, and it might yet if I do more of it and really get in the habit, but so far, I’m still exhausted all day long, even on weekends, even when I’ve had ten hours of sleep. I’m hoping that if I really wrestle myself back down to GTD habits and eliminate sugar, I’ll make some progress on the energy and productivity front. Those things, frankly, are much more important to me than a slight weight gain right now. But I always feel healthier when I’m low-carbing. I do get more done, and I feel better. And I lose weight.

So here I am, in a new season of the sad pants, tracking food, trying to wrangle myself into some form of discipline. The goal at this point is to get below 140 by October 3; I have an event to look forward to. The energy level is a hard thing to quantify, and it’s really what matters more at this point. If I had to quanitify success in that area, I’d say I was doing great if I could put Natalie to bed without falling asleep in the process, for several days straight. That’s when I tend to crash, and when I do, the evening is shot; forget about work, I’m not even going to read at that point, it’s all over until the next morning. So I’m going to work on getting to bed consistently by 11:00; exercising each morning; and eliminating sugar (whilst opting out of other starchy snacks when I can stand to).

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