Give that girl an apple!

June 21st, 2012

I have some wonderful, practical insight to share from my experiences of the last couple of weeks. Here it is. You know what really shakes off those stubborn pounds? Getting sick! I finally got to enjoy that longed-for sight of seeing the scale report a four and a half pound loss, and all it took was two days of not being able to keep anything down. Oh, it was a beautiful morning, the morning that I could get out of bed and change into nice clean clothes again. My stomach looked so flat! The world was born anew.

OK, yes, I know, it was really all water weight. The pounds are just hanging around, probably behind those bookcases over there, waiting for me to eat a really good meal again so they can hop back on board. So I’m not even updating my weight ticker for another week until things stabilize. It is an illusion. A lovely, cheerful illusion. I was seriously wondering if time had condemned me to a weight that was as unmovable as a mountain. But  seeing the numbers on that scale finally roll down is giving me the hope that maybe, just maybe, the weight is more like a cranky old mule.

Back in high school, we used to talk about “shrinking the stomach,” getting physically used to less food in the belief that the effects would last. Fasting was particularly good for this, we believed, but anytime you could get by on as little food as possible for some time, you could be sure to have shrunk your stomach for a while as an additional boost for the diet. It’s true that my appetite has not yet returned to normal, but I credit that more to not being quite well yet than to a smaller stomach. But in keeping with the old way of talking, I’m gonna claim that! Consider my stomach shrunk. Let’s see if we can get a little more momentum into the weight loss this way.

At the very least, seeing the magic 140 on the scale is a morale booster. Maybe just the apple that the old mule needed to get moving.

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  1. moonfairy Says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. I once lost 3 lbs in one way b/c I was throwing up so much due to a five-day migraine! Yikes. I gained it all back quickly enough though. LOL

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