two weeks

It’s been two weeks at the new job 🙂

Although a big girl gets sweaty when she walks around at lunch, one cools down and life goes on.  I spritz a lil orange oil on to refresh, take a paper towel to the perspiration and we keep it movin.  But this is something that I NEVER did at the old job – just no time and always so goddamn busy!  I look forward to walking out that door to saunter down the streets…

I’ve been eating better – nothing like everyday but definitely trying to do it.  I’ve put the sugar drinks on wean (1 sugar drink per week) and I’m not feeling like I need to have an artificial sweet thing every day.  I eat a piece of fruit every day and it’s been ok.

I’ve started walking a few times after work with my buddy and am seriously thinking of doing it on my own when she’s not around (she’s on vacation from work right now so it’s easy for her to come down).  It was nice to walk down by the Embarcadero the other day – seeing the water and all the tourists.  It makes you feel like you’re really living in the city – especially that walk through the concrete jungle.

I’ve bought some new clothes for the new job and even though everything is rather flowly size 16W – I feel better about myself.

I’m not putting any pressure on myself to be svelte by my birthday on October 30th.  I’m trying to make some small changes and see how far that gets me.  Nothing too intense, but it’s all challenging at times.

I’ve been sitting in on a Sobriety Group run by another social worker and I’m making connections between drug addiction and my food addiction.  It’s interesting really how many parallels there are in reaching for things to help you cope, to reward yourself – for comfort.  It’s a lifestyle, this lousy eating and walking around with the excess weight which in turns makes one feel like utter shit in a world where thin is revered. As I pass myself and see my reflection in a store window – I look away immediately.  I don’t want to dwell on what’s there when at times I can actually convince myself I look alright.

I’ve been looking at apartments to move into (2 bedrooms) and have even contacted a few but alas one was a complete scam and the other never wrote me back.  It’s like there are many options available now for me.

I notice that I am smiling at work a lot more often, giggling like I’m giddy and feeling like I’ve been in some way rewarded by this new job, acquiring my license and being freed from that incredible stress.

I’m feeling incredibly grateful as well.

I’ve also got a slight crush on a few guys at work which make life a little bit more interesting 🙂

Life is good.

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6 Responses to “two weeks”

  1. iniya Says:

    The walks sound very good. Orange oil? Need to find that. I need to start working out too.

    The new dresses sound very good. Going down from 18 to 16 rocks. You know what, just because you are less stressed and much happier, I think you will lose weight without even trying very hard. Just see it.

    And why do you look away from mirrors? I have seen your pics. You look good. Do believe me. You do. Even if you totally discount the inner beauty peeping out of your beautiful smiling eyes. Do look at yourself more. You are a very beautiful human being.

    Love and hugs,


  2. delitaagain Says:

    Hey, you are doing great!! Congrats on all the good things you are doing and the progress-es. One thing I learned about working up a sweat midday is that the main place odor comes from is – you guessed it – those productive pits. The one thing that KILLS that odor is… rubbing alcohol. Yep. Dash some on a paper towel, swipe and toss. Re-apply deoderant if necessary. Good to go. Really is one of the most helpful tips. Give it to all those who think just re-applying deoderant helps . WTG woman. Ah, 16Ws. I’m coming….

  3. delitaagain Says:

    And congrats on the license and job! New frontiers!

  4. round Says:

    So glad to see you got the job, the license & might even get a guy in your life before too long!

    As you know I have the new blog at htpp:// & will be shutting down “round” but want to keep in contact. You currently have comments set so that only other 3FC bloggers can comment – I explain how to change that in this post :

  5. lodyangel Says:

    Okay…Where are you?

    Second, Glad to hear about the new job…congrats, and that you have been walking! GREAT!

    Hurry up and come back. I miss you being here and I will be on more often now. I need to use this blog to process these life changes.

    Hope all is well with you! i am excited to hear more about these cute guys from your work! Whoo hoo!!

  6. Bobbie Says:

    I loved reading this post. You happy is a good thing. Congrats on the job. YOUGOGIRL!

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