Life is good.

I did manage to pass the first half of my exam last Thursday 🙂  It was GRAND!

So I sent in the money for the 2nd half and they’ll let me know when I can take that final piece of the cake!

The VA is still exploring a possible relationship with me – so this is good.  I’m having letters of recommendation drawn up by my current supv, previous supv and unfortunately one of my pals has no access to the computer so I have to write my own letter and she’ll sign it ;(

But it’s still worth it to see what they will bring to the table $$$ wise. 😉

So despite the work chaos – good things are happening 😉

I’m hoping to slow down this weekend and smell the roses 😉

Posted by anngirl on June 4th, 2010 under General

2 Responses to “Yes.”

  1. round Says:

    Glad to see you hanging in & in good spirits – hope the job thing works out in the end, but I find it interesting how life is letting you focus on the exam with the job not resolved for now… Maybe other opportunities will await you

  2. goodnuff Says:

    Ok, where are you? I’ve read your blog off and on since 2008 and have been looking for a new posting every now and then since June. Hope life is treating you so well that it’s keeping you away from your blog!

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