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Ok sooo I can’t seem to get myself to drink water but I have been successful in dropping the soda..well most of it anyways.  Ok so we will get to the walking

Monday walked 3/4 of a mile

Tuesday walked 1/2 mile (one of the moms didnt want me and my daughter walking in the rain.)


Thursday 3/4 of a mile

and well it is friday and only 244 but I can tell you right now that I am NOT going to be walking today.

So what does that total about 3 miles this week.  May not seem like much but for someone who NEVER WALKS and works at home in front of her computer, 3 miles is a lot.

You know my scale is broken so I am not even weighing or measuring myself. I still havn’t taken any vitamins and my mother informed me that for weight loss I should be drinking 100 oz of water not 64.  Wow that’s a lot of water.

So I told my mom I wanted a bike for my birthday.  I feel if I had a bike I would go more places and get more excersize.  I could even take my lil one to the park and ride with her or ride up and down the road a couple times after school.  Either way I know riding a bike is harder work and burns more calories than walking but I think for me it is just the aspect of getting to my destination faster.  OOOH I hope I get that bike.  I am excited!

OK for all my loyal readers and commenters.  I noticed some of you said something about the images or loading in IE.  I have not noticed any problems.  IE is a burden for me so I ALWAYS use chrome.  You are the first that have made comments.  I would suggest to anyone that is having issues with any blogs or images that you should download chrome.  It is nice doesn’t take a lot of space and compatible with most websites.  I live by chrome, I ONLY use IE or firefox if needed for things for work.

Also to the comments about me posting on individual sites and the appraisals for my blogs.  I appreciate the compliments and no I do not post on individual sites.  I only blog here for myself, it helps me to “do something”.  Kind of hard to explain.  I like to keep track I guess and this is a bit unorganized and sloppy and I am a very random person… but again this is for me but I enjoy that it is here on this website that I blog and that others can read this and laugh or get something out of it.  That’s why its here instead of in a wordpad or a personal journal.

I will bid you adue until another time.

Going to my loves house this weekend so I may not post, but I will walk some, I think…maybe I dont know.  We both have to be in the mood and it doesnt happen often…lol <~~~Joke

Ok seems it took a big FAT stall!

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Ok today is Aug 27th, my birthday.  Current time is 7:22 am, and Im starting anew again!  This time I think I can do it.   Starting tomorrow I plan on taking Alli ( may not help much but certainly cuts down on the fat absorbed and makes me feel soo much better just knowing that so much fat is not building up my weight)  as well as my b complex and my multi vitamin at night.  Usually I would take the alli and the b complex in the morning before breakfast with about 8 oz of water.  Eat something and be good, but we are going to throw a twist in there.  I know in previous posts I was walking on the treadmill and such, but im too fat for it and I am literally FORCED to walk 3/4 of a mile 4 days a week.  Forced in a good way, my 5 year old started kindergarden this year and her bus stop is 1/4 of a mile down the road and obviously I have to take her but its a happy 1/4 of a mile which doesnt make me feel angry for having to walk.  I enjoy it especially in the mornings walking back.  The only issue I can forsee with this is my sleep schedule, because honestly after I am done writing this im going back to sleep.  So I will let you know how I hold up tomorrow with the vitamins and breakfast thing.

I wanted to make a note here, for everyone who has commented on my blog over the past few months.  I have received some very heartwarming comments and I really appreciate it.  It is actually what got me on here this morning.   Also there was one person who stated my spelling sucks.  GET OVER IT! Not trying to be rude or anything and I appreciate that you like reading what I have to say but if my spelling is THAT atrocious then maybe you shouldn’t be reading it.  I spent my time in school I learned how to spell and use correct grammar, and I do not have to do that anymore!


End of this day

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Ok sooo I stayed up all day, man am I beat. I think I get to spend the weekend with Sean though so I am kind of excited to go to sleep.

I did my treadmill @ 2mph for the whole 30 mins~yay
I only actually drank 1.5 cans of soda I dont know about that code red diet mt dew
I ate a whole 3 meals today woohoo thats rare for me because i usually sleep soo much due to depression
I didnt drink as much water as I wanted so I am still trying on that. I havnt eaten in 4 hours and im still kinda full at least I feel full took my meds 2 hours ago so it is about time for me to take my calorad and go on my loooong date with my pillows…(they like it when I drool) 😉

Early start

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Ugghh I wrote this whole long funny morning post and it didnt save grrrr…..Ok well im up took my vitamins and in short im going to cook breakfast and while the baby is still in bed I am going to hit up that treadmill.

Daily Goals

Treadmill 30 mins

Drink 64 oz of water

drink ONLY 2 cans of soda


more more thing

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smoking my last cigarette for the night talking to the love of my life and about to take this calorad…. I wanted to show you guys my goal reward….i cant decide between the two so i may do both…nighty nite then

What a ride…!

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Ok so today…slept in late yet again! But mom was in a good mood and we went out to dinner, and also went grocery shopping….I dont know if you know yet but I do not eat “special” food for my diet, I eat what I want and when I want, although I do prefer healthier food over junk food on most occasions. We got stuff to make smores this week…YAY! Also we got my vitamins which I stoped taking during the holidays because I ran out. I got a B complex Fish oil and a multi vitamin. That B complex is awesomness because it just makes me feel so much better during the day especially if I get up early and actually take the vitamin and then I have the energy to do stuff. My baby(fiance) helped me figure out what I needed. He is a somewhat of a health guru, so he is my number one motivator. Every time I am on the treadmill he tells me how proud of me he is, and he is always telling me that I am beautiful but he wants me to get healthy which is my main goal. I LOVE BEING BIG. So yeah I walked on the treadmill for 30 mins tonight. 2.0 mph for 20 mins…that kicked my behind, my abs started burning and my calves, I decided that I needed to start doing a cool down period so I droped it down to 1.5 mph at 10 mins left and then 1.0 at 5 mins left so I actually only walked about .88 of a mile but I am going….It is more than I can say for my mom, but she is so out of shape that the walk around walmart for the groceries hurt her back and got her wore out. FINALLY tonight I get to try out the calorad. I was also told that I should be taking agricept 3 times a day to kill candida and keep it gone. Apprently candida is a bacteria that can cause you to fail at weight loss…maybe you should take the test. You take a clear glass of water in your room when you go to bed, and the first thing you do when you wake up before anything else is spit in the cup. Supposibly if you have candida your spit will drop down into the glass and look like little stringy things and if you dont have candida it will dissolve. I will find the link for the stuff and post it, but you can also google it. I <3 google. Anyways got about 45 more minutes till bed time and I am not going to spend it blogging on here, gonna spend that talking to my baby!

Until tomorrow……..

Lazy Day

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Ok so I didn’t take the calorad last night because I was sooo hungry after I posted I had to get something to eat and then I got tired about an hour later so I dogged that one. I will do it tonight though….I am currently drinking 8 oz of water so hopefully I will get down 32oz today seeing as I still have no soda. I do plan to get on the treadmill but today has been soo off for me. I am extremely tired and want to sleep. Of course because I am so tired I need to go grocery shopping too probably I guess I had the car too long last night so mom is a bit mad at me. I made these awesome cresent roll ups for lunch today….turkey ham and cheese,,,,yummy…My fiance’s mom made some for christmas with cream cheese and bacon…..I am having a serious craving for those right now. Eeer anyways im off for now be back later to let you know about my water intake and and the trip on the treadmill.

Start pics taken 01-02-2012

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Ok here are my start pics….i know i look terrible but the clothes I was wearing do not make me look good….Those pants are actually maternity pants and they are the only nice pair that fit 🙁

Day 1…..actually day 14

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Ok so today I am setting a goal for myself. I am down to no soda so I will have to live off water until my mom gets home in an hour then im getting an energy drink as a treat for the success I’ve had. I don’t have much to say right now because I am amped up to get on the treadmill so I am just going to post my goals for the rest of the day and I will be back before bed to let ya know how it went.

Daily Mini Goals

Treadmill for 30 mins 1.5 mph ~ I completed this and even took it up to 2.0mph for about 5 minutes

Drink 32 oz of water ~ I think I got 16oz in

Do NOT eat or drink anything but water after 8pm ~ completely didn’t happen…I am finishing my energy drink I rewarded myself with so I guess I will be up for a while yet

Take calorad

Ugh, crazy day…so it looks like I will be up until 2 am so I will post before bed when I take my calorad.

Hello world!

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Today is the day I will actually start blogging about my weight loss. I have been on this rollercoaster for years now, as I am sure many of you have. My mother has had me try soo many different things, but of course they wont work if I don’t do them right and I didn’t. Three weeks ago I started on my new years resolution to get into a size 12 by 2013. I now where a 26 so that is about 7 sizes. I am shooting for waist size of 28″ and hips of 38″ and a goal weight of 185, but these are all estimates because I am mainly doing this to get into a size I can pick off a shelf without having to dig through to see if there is just one left that I can squeeze myself into. Also to get healthier is a main priority for me and I do want to stay big! I have been “dieting” for 3 weeks now and actually all I have done is stopped drinking regular soda and energy drinks on a regular basis and I get on the treadmill once a week. I drink Coke Zero because it has no calories or anything else for that matter, only 40mg of sodium and is made with splenda NOT aspertame. There is also diet coke out now made with splenda but it just doesnt taste the same. So Anyways I decided to create a blog here because I am trying yet again another thing my mother has got her hopes up about. This is called Calorad. You’re supposed to take 2 capfulls everynight when you are laying down to sleep. not watching tv, but actually closing your eyes to sleep. It has to be on an empty stomach, 3 hours after you eat at least (this is the hard part for me because I am a late night eater). Supposibly it’s been around for a while and she knew someone who used it and they didn’t do anything but take the calorad and lost weight. ( I’ll take it but I’m still going to use the treadmill, and everything else ive been doing because I’ve been seeing results.) I know this is just my welcome post and now it is kinda long but my daily or whatever post are going to have mini goals for my next day and whether or not I accomplished those goals and so forth. Please feel free to comment.