My journey to being healthy

I’m still sitting at 208lbs (the lowest)  I think I should start carb cycling to lose more weight.  I’m not in a rush to lose my weight but not seeing any changes discouragese me.  =(

I’ll start increasing my carbs on August 4th and see what will happen.  The plan is to have some fruit and rice to raise my carbs, still keeping it healthy and no more than 1500 calories.  I hope that works for me.

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I didn’t lose weight for about 2 weeks and FINALLY it’s going down once again.  Wow, those 2 weeks was just weird, I actually gained more weight and I was dieting and exercising.  My weight was hovering around 215lbs-219lbs from July 2nd till July 13th and before that my weight was at 213lbs on July 1st.  SO MESSED UP!  So now I’m down to 210lbs.  That’s a relief.

Anyway, I joined a Christmas challenge today on 3FC to lose 50lbs by Christmas, I think that’s a bit much but I’m still going to try it.  The activity challenge calls for 100 hours of activities, so I need to work out 4.5 hours a week and I broke it down to 38 mins a day.  EASY!  I can do an hour a day of exercise soooo easily.

I also joined a Halloween challenge and my goal is to be 180lbs by Oct. 31st.  Which is another crazy challenge but I’ll still try it.

Since joining 3FC I’ve lost 25lbs so that comes to a total of 50lbs of weight loss from my max weight 3 years ago.  Let’s compare, 3 years of crazy diets and I only lost 25lbs , 6 weeks of support from people at 3FC doing it the healthy way, 25lbs gone.  Guess 3FC is really helping me out.  lol

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I’m losing an average of 4.4lbs weekly.  *gasp*  That’s a lot!  Experts say that you shouldn’t lose more than 2lbs a week.  But hey, I’m losing wieght, I don’t care what these experts are saying!  Just 14 more pounds to go and I’ll be out of the 200s.  I can’t wait!!  I want it to happen now!!!! 

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My diet has been great, I lost another few pounds and my blood sugar level has been stable also.  I’ve also been running a lot.  The pounds are sheding off.  YAY! 

I did cheated and had some hot wings yesterday.  =X  So that sucks.

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I jogged 5.25 miles yesterday and that just amazes me, I can’t believe that I did that.  I never ran over a mile before!  I feel great! My legs do hurt a bit so I’m going to relax today and then pick up again tommorow.  I haven’t cheated on my diet and I still don’t need insulin.  Today my blood sugar level is 95!!  So awesome. 

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*Sigh*  Today I decided to take one pill of Glyburide for my diabetes because I thought my sugar was a bit high but I failed to realize that it’s only 140 because I just ate, dumb moment.  Well I took the pill to regulate my blood sugar level and later on I felt tired so I ended up taking a nap.  About 15 mins into my nap something didn’t feel right so I got up and my eyes were blinded by a weird light, that’s when I knew my blood sugar was low.  I tested my blood and the meter told me that it was 42 or 46, I’m not sure, I was panicking.  I tested myself again and it said 42 so I had to eat some yogurt, 15 mins later my sugar was at 77, so I ate some candies, 15 mins after that my sugar level was still at 77, that means it’s still dropping. =(

I ended up eating chocolate and about an hour into the whole ordeal, it was at 115.  Ahh much better.  I really hate it when I get low sugar.  I shake, my eyes are blinded by the lights, my heart rate would elevate, I feel like fainting and I have the need to eat everything I see, which will ruin my diet but I had it under control this time.  WHEW!  What a horrible night.  I think I should go buy some glucose tablets.

Aside from the hypoglycemia, I feel good.  REALLY GOOD!  I haven’t felt hungry in a feel days now, I think my body has accepted the fact that it won’t be indulged anymore.  I plan on running again later today since I haven’t really done that in a few days.

  • 20 mins running
  • 30 mins stretching
  • and if I feel good, more running
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Opps, I forgot to come back last time.

So I find this a bit weird.

June 4th was the day I started my diet… again and I was at 235lbs.  I did calorie counting plus exercising.  Doing 900-1200 cals a day but I felt soooo hungry so I changed it to 1200-1500 a day and I maintained my exercising as well.  Twelve days later I lost 4lbs (This is all recalculated according to my new scale, the old one was screwy)

4lbs is still a good thing but then I started reading more about a low carb diet so I gave that a go on June 16th.  I eat 4-6 times a day now in small portions, that way I don’t get hungry.  I eat chicken, veggies, fish, eggs, sugar free jello, cheese and tofu. (Not all in the same day)  I totally keeping it under 20 carbs a day, 900-1200 cals (average is 990) and I just walk and do tons of chores daily now.  The first 2 days I must admit that I was starving because I only ate chicken breast and lettuce.  So I decided to make better dishes.  I added tofu, I season them and top them off with cilantro, YUMMY!  I added more cheese.  I added a bit of dressing on my lettuce.  I also made a burgers substituting the buns with more lettuce, it was great because I usually don’t like eating all the buns anyway.  I won’t go into all the things I’ve cooked but the result is that I lost 14lbs from June 16th to June 23rd.  I’ve only used insulin twice so far this week and it was no more that 15 units.  I know, that’s a lot of weight loss and I should be worried on why I’m losing so much.  I’m eating right, I’m not starving myself, my sugar level has be terrific, I’m not exhausted from my illnesses, my headaches are gone, I don’t get vertigo anymore.  Therefore, I’m happy about it.  I also get to exercise more now since I don’t feel so sick all the time.  Today, life is good.  I have a great family and a supportive fiance.  I was depressed earlier but not anymore since my health is picking up.  Until next time, happy dieting.


P.S.  Drink lots and lots of water, add fiber sure to it.

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Strange, I actually lost 1.2 in 13 hours.  I got up at 5pm and I weighed myself and then at 6am I weighed myself again and I lost over 1 pound.  This diet must be good.  I already loss 2 inches off my waist and it’s only been a week since I last measured myself.

I only ran for 2 mins today lol but that’s ok.  I’ve been real depressed and tired lately.  That’s it for now since it’s my bedtime, I’m nocturnal.  =X  I will write more when I wake up.

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I don’t know if its the diet or the pills or life has just gotten more tough to go through.  My diet is great, my feelings.. not so much.  My body?  Deteriorating.  Although I’m still losing weight, I feel really down.  Maybe I need to eat more, I don’t know.  Dieting while being depressed is awful, but I still have my will.  I won’t give up on anything, this diet or this so called life. I still have people who cares for me.  I’m mentally and physically tired but I must go on. 

Anyway, I bought a new scale and OH NOES! I’m 10 lbs heavier with this new scale than the old one.  GRRRRR.  I’m not happy about that at all!  But I guess the weight loss is still the same cept the numbers are different on both scales.  I do think the new scale is more accurate since it’s digital.  RAWR!!  That is it, until next time.


Goal for today, accomplished.  I did some running. ^_^

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I didn’t do as much as I wanted to do yesterday.  My body was sore and I had an arguement with my sister but I was successful with my calorie intake, about 1064 calories.  Which is less than my set goal, so all is well.  My workout was about 2 hours, I wanted to do more but I was sooo sore. 

Today’s plan

  • 60 mins Stretching
  • 60 mins Yoga
  • Eat less than 1300 calories


Wish me luck.

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