Negative Eating Habits to be Dealt With

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After reading an article about how binge-eaters like to mix up foods when they binge, it got me thinking about the negative food habits that I have. (See my post here:

This a list of the ones I want to banish from myself-

1) Eating when I’m not hungry.

2) Stress-eating/emotional eating

3) Eating each section on my plate one at a time (see my post above for more info)

4) Having to eat everything on my plate- I could just use smaller plates but I don’t think that’s always going to be a realistic thing I can do.

5) Being okay with saving food for later and actually consuming the food

6) Late-night eating

I think 6 is enough to start with 🙂

Meal Plan for Thurs Jan. 3, 2013

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diet motivation


– Cup of coffee with 2% milk and sugar (2 cups- approx. 89 calories)

  • Coffee- 4 calories
  • 2% milk- 61 calories
  • Sugar (1.5 tsp)- 24 calories

– Bowl of cereal (Indigo Morning by Kashi)- 1 cup + 1/2 cup of 2% milk

– 2 Morning Glory breakfast patties


-1/2 of my left-over Chipotle salad (around 400 calories)

– Veggie juice


– 1/2 bar of ThinkThin chocolate fudge


– Healthy Choice meal

– Salad + Thousand Island dressing

I’m hoping to add some calorie information as I go throughout the day 🙂