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gross snow!

Today the city is almost shut down….all schools closed–of course my daycare centre is NEVER closed..only ONCE EVER in over the 5 years I have been there that she decided around 10am to not open..because it was severely blowing snow. We will go into kids will show up (duh) and we will just shit around, clean, organize, do some planning…bunch of bullshit.

Weight yesterday and today was 150.5 still! I ate lots of fruit yesterday..but ended up eating a mcd’s grilled wrap for lunch :S. For supper I made chicken stirfry but ONLY ate chicken and noodles. I bought a really nice salad last night with grilled chicken breast and a boiled egg on it. I also bought some baby carrots and teeny tomatoes. I need to eat more veggies!

Have a great day!

(I will try..haha)

Update: Well I managed to get to work okay.had to do a little shoveling in the driveway..but it was very fluffy snow which made it easy :). Managed to drive to work..until my wipers began to act up and wouldn’t clean my windshield very well…so I had to pull over on a four lane street..thank god not busy…and clean it off…as I was getting ice off wiper, I cracked my car scraper….for all you people (Sparkling :P) lucky enough to live in warmer areas and have no idea what that’s a wooden/plastic stick that cleans off ice/snow..hehehehe.

The snow ended late AM and we ended up having over 20 children done! Still managed to get a lot of work done which is great!

Just home from a fabulous Zumba workout! So glad I went. I ate really well today (except for a few cookies at work :S) I have cut back on carbs a little…not totally but somewhat and increased my fruit and veggies and protein intake.

Weighed myself at the gym this pm after working out and I was 150 on the nose…I hope its the same on mine or less..hehe….I will weigh tomorrow 🙂