slowly slipping away!

Girls I need to be brought back on track..maybe hauled. I think the whole candy binge Fri night started it all. Good thing is that weight this AM was still long as i don’t start gaining! Last night I felt very exhausted and I admit to you all that I did NOT do my jumping jacks or the hula hooping .Sorry Jel but I just don’t think I can just find the interest to stand in one place doing Hula’s for 30 mins..sorry don’t mean to offend..probably why i prefer high cardio than yoga and workout machines…I also don’t like working out at home much. I have a few workout vids and I have the Wii/Wii Fit. I don’t bother w/ either. Anything else I can do instead?! Perhaps the crunches?

Since doing the shitload of JJ’s Fri night and Zumba Sat AM I think I overdid it somehow on my shoulder. It’s usually my right shoulder but this time its left. I ATTEMPTED the JJ’s before Zumba tonight and I had to stop at 85 ( I think doing the JJ’s did it in the first place). However I didn’t find it at all while doing Zumba. I will keep trying to do the JJ’s on nights I don’t go to Zumba.

This week is going to be very stressful for me. A year ago we began an EQuIP program.

“EQuIP is a program of excellence. It offers an on-site consultation program designed to measure and improve the quality and inclusive practices of child care environments. It is a voluntary partnership between Child Care Services Consultants and Child Care Center staff where they work together to design an action plan aimed at enhancing the quality of care being offered to children.”

Over the course of the yr a Consultant will come in three times to observe/ do checklists and to go over classroom (VERY DETAILED) make suggestions of improvement, things to add, how we interact with children, the list is endless. At the end of each session we’re given a score. My last two coworkers honestly were VERY lazy, had poor social interactions w/ the children and didn’t do their share of work within the classroom and with the children, which in turn brought our score lower. The Consultant also noticed that i did most of the workload and MOST of the children had a close attachment with me, which also required a LOT of my time. This time around I have an amazing coworker who does her fair share and thankfully has bonded w/ the children as well. The past few days we’ve spent GUTTING our room, making sure we have ALL the required materials, etc…And tomorrow after being observed for an entire day I have a damn two hour meeting.

Sorry to go on and point of all that was to say I KNOW I will want to eat junk..I went to the grocery store and bought a REALLY nice salad for lunch and mandarin oranges. I’ll also take a 100 cal granola bar and some apples. I need to make sure I have food, lol. Today I didn’t pack a lunch (big mistake) and ended up going to McD’s. I can NOT do that again. I DO however am glad that I learned by today’s mistake and that in turn helped me for tomorrow.

It’s time to get my act together!



1) I love my spontaneity! Got hair cut last night…a real style this time, instead of long curly layered hair. Got it straightened, cut shorter in back, longer in front…very bold of me, haha…

2) I am glad I learn from my mistakes, such as today…recognizing when mistake may happen again and preventing it.

3) I like my greenish/blue eyes..they’re pretty 🙂 Yeah I’m being conceited and I enjoy it! 😛

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  1. mismichelle on November 17th, 2010

    WE CAN DO THIS!! But we have to actually LEARN from our mistakes, which means not doing it next time! Let’s have a great Wednesday! xoxo

  2. jelbelle on November 17th, 2010

    It’s okay =) I like the hula hooping, I do it while watching TV. I also have Wii fit which has hula hooping games that I play when I don’t feel like doing it to music or watching TV. You can substitute if you want =P they’re just little challenges you can opt out of if need be. No worries. But promise to stay on track! It doesn’t matter if you fall off the wagon for a whole week as long as you get up and GET BACK ON!

  3. mismichelle on November 19th, 2010

    how are you doing girlfriend? let’s not let a few slip us get us out of the diet mode! we still have more than a week left in the month!

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