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i need help!!!!!!


Weight is still 150…i don’t like having pants that don’t fit…Yes I never intended to buy size 4’s a long time ago anywho..but I got down to size 4…and loved that size..even size 6. Today I had to wear my size 8 jeans..teeny bit loose..not falling off me like they used to.

I am not stupid. I know the answer to this. I need to workout more and eat less. I need to gain some damn self control and STOP binge eating. I think I am going to take the freeze off my gym account..suck it up and GO to aqua aerobics class…..EVEN if it ends 9 pm in the night and I have to go out in the cold.

I honestly could eat whatever when i worked out a lot. AND no i’m not saying i should workout more just so i can do that. I just hate feeling like I can’t have something simple like a croissant.

Today I went to the grocery store on my lunch break…seen Cadbury Fruit and Nut bars on sale..1.19 for the larger one…of course in the grocery store I tell myself ” oh wow thats such a good price..I’ll only have a few pieces now”..Yah right……. I ate half on my break and the rest of it on my way home. Where is my self control?????? I have developed a damn addiction to sugar that I never had before. Perhaps its because i’m bored…lonely..I dunno. Bf away..sister never home. I just come home..shower..put on flannel pj’s….go online / read and not do much else….

I need help!!!!!!!


Okay so I just got off the phone w/ gym–took membership off hold and payments resume on Friday–for the following two weeks. They’re so nice..said I could come back before problem. I WILL go to aquafit on Saturday to get me back in the swing of things, lol. I love Cathy’s class so I am looking forward to it.

I can go to Zumba Tues and Thurs nights and then Aquafit at the gym on Sat, Sun, Mon, Wed (or zumba at the gym).

Goodbye weight..I don’t need you!