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way up high in the apple tree….

………a juicy red apple was smiling at me…Can you tell i work with kids? My point is that i’m in love with apples….they instantly take away my sugar cravings and taste so yummy. It’s funny how you begin to love foods that you really never before….an apple before was “oh wow a plain ol apple”….but now it’s a whole different story. I mostly love red delicious, golden delicious, gala and granny smith apples…I’m eating one now as i type and it’s a little difficult..getting jawlock from holding it in my

Went to aqua aerobics today for the first time since last Monday..It was pretty good but hard to get back into it.

Missed Wednesday’s class because we ( bf and I) were supposed to take his sis out for supper (I’ve never met her and not really sure if i want to). Long story short….in the past she’s done some pretty nasty things to my bf and she is close with his ex gf………Enough said……Thinking that she finally has grown up a little and changed my bf offered to take her out. They agreed to meet in front of a local convenience store ( we weren’t sure how to get to where she was staying). His ex pulls up at the same time and goes in….I’m sure it was all planned….originally I wasn’t they thought he’d be there alone..try to cause some sort of scene…they’re very malicious and scandalous (ex and it seems sister too) She was in the store for a long time and came out looking at her watch……. Anyways his sis didn’t show…..denies that she tried to “set him up”. After that he was quite upset that she’d do something like that…after we had just driven across the city in the pouring down rain just to be set up. I know he’s been really wanting Chinese food lately and I tried to cheer him up by saying I didn’t mind going to a chinese restaurant. His sister called last night at 1am going on with her bullshit that it was a coincidence and that she had told him to pick her up somewhere else..COME OFF IT! Sorry to rant!

Today I put up and decorated the Xmas tree….I really had no desire to do so because we’re going home for for Xmas and I don’t feel in the Christmassy mood!

Have a great weekend!

8:28 pm–so excited..some girlfriends made last minute plans to get together for drinks and go out dancing..YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!