So the meals went well yesterday.  I only craved carbs a little…it wasn’t overwhelming or anything.  I’m grateful that I actually have been doing relatively lower carbs the past few months anyway since starting my weight loss back last summer because otherwise I think I would have found it to be torturous!


Breakfast was my sugar free latte and a low carb protein bar

Lunch was a big huge salad with romaine, chicken, cheese, avocado, salsa and sour cream

Dinner was the most delicious cauliflower casserole along side a turkey and cheese plate I made for the kids and myself…there were crackers too (for the girls!)

Snack – I attempted to make a recipe I saw online for a chocolate pudding using cocoa powder and avocado.  I absolutely could NOT eat it…I couldn’t get over it.  Maybe I didn’t make it right but I thought it was disgusting.  I resorted to a sugar free lime jello cup with some whipped cream on top!  That was yummsville!

I had the absolute WORST headache known to man yesterday but I think it’s got to have been a coincidence and not really related to the carb thing.

I still don’t really have the get up and go to start walking again.  I so want to be a runner but I’m not.  I know I’m not and I know I probably never will be.  I haven’t found that exercise that I love, something that will always make me want to get up off the couch!  Guess I need to experiment a little more!!!