My fellow chickeroos!  I am so sorry that I have not been around to write any posts…my life has been SO busy.  I feel like I haven’t even had time to sleep, haha!

I’m still on a plateau.  I’m happy to not have gained (not much anyway) but then again, I really haven’t been putting much effort into it either.

I am changing things up a bit.  The past few months I have been trying to still eat as healthy as possible but I admit that I have not been as strict as I should have been.  There have been a few french fry incidents, and maybe some brownies or chocolate chip cookies.  But for the most part, my stomach is still much smaller than it once was so I don’t worry about it all that much.  I had been severely restricting my diet and calories and I’m just fed up with that.  So I am trying a new approach to kick start myself back into losing and that is a low carb(ish) diet without restricing on meats, and veggies.

I went grocery shopping last night and bought some good healthy things to keep around for this type of plan.  I made a great low carb dinner last night.  Chicken breasts topped with a mixture of mayo and parmesan cheese that I baked up in the oven and then some sauteed garlic brussel sprouts and baked pizza zucchini.  It was a veggie palooza around these parts last night 🙂  I have a friend that’s been doing low carb for a few months and has had great results.  Another friend and I are joining her on this plan and have a good little support group going.  I will be popping in here to record my meals (again!) and for support 🙂

So far today I have had my sugar free morning coffee and a high protein low carb bar for breakfast.  I was running late or I would have had 2 eggs for breakfast.  I made a yummy salad for lunch with romaine, chicken breast, avocado, cheese and salsa and sour cream for the dressing.  Can’t wait for lunch :)))  For dinner I think I will made steak with sauteed onions and mushrooms and top it with goat cheese…and a side of garlic spinach!

I know that I must force myself back into my walking routine but I just have NOT had the motivation.  I could probably break the plateau by just getting back into it, but I have not had time or inclination to get out there.  I wish I could get that mental drive back that was spurring me on all those months ago.  I am confident I will get it back, it will just take time.

I’m off now to catch up on all your blogs 🙂  Have a great hump day (I’m so looking forward to this weekend already!)