TOM.  I must be having an unusually heavy one this month.  I am dying of cramps 🙁  Plus, I never get “period cravings” but boy this time I have!  I have done very well and kept myself in check but that doesn’t make the craving any less intense.  I had a few nibbles of some chocolate peanut butter treats last night to tide me over and that seemed to help.

We had a great big salad last night with beans and turkey meat in it.  I made individual serving sized pizza cups for dinner also. That way the kids could each choose the toppings for their individual cups.  I had turkey pepperoni and olives on mine.  I ate half my serving last night and brought half today for lunch at work.  I usually do something like that.  I hate having to think of something to bring for lunch so I will usually wrap up half my dinner to take the next day 🙂  It saves me calories and makes my life a little easier too!

My oldest brought me a delicious coffee today at work 🙂  She works at Dunkin’ and gets free coffee so she will occasionally get something for her mama, she’s such a good girl!  She works just around the corner from my office so it’s pretty convenient.  Iced coffee with a splash of skim milk and sugar free caramel!  Mmmm, can you say delicious???

I went to the movies with a friend over the weekend.  We saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  My friend didn’t read the books or see the original Swedish films (I did) so she had no idea what to expect.  I thought it was brilliant…very much like the Swedish version, which seemed like a book walked into real life!  It really is one of the only book to movies that seemed like you were watching the book unfold in front of you.  I don’t know if it is because the book was that brilliant or if the movie was made so well.  Hmm that’s an interesting question!!!  She had a jumbo popcorn with butter and I only had a Coke Zero (my favorite 😀 )  I think if I can make a better choice at least once a day then I am on the right track!