Sorely Healthy

This weekend flew by!! (I think my wallet flew away as well!)

I got it in my head sometime this week (I blame the good weather), that I was going to completely do-up my patio and make it an enjoyable area to be outside. Then I got it into my head that I was going to start a garden, both flowers and vegetables.

…Once I get something into my head. It’s there. Almost obsessively.

Anyways, because I am almost always scheduled to work every day on the weekends, I had to get off work and then garden.

Saturday, I was tilling my little strip of dirt to regretfully find I had red clay under a layer of old mulch and corona bottle tops (from the old tenants). So I had to resort to container gardening. After much research, sore shoulders, and a slight increase in arm muscle, I pulled it off. I now have strawberries growing in their pots, tomatoes, squash, assorted herbs, petunias, tulips, etc growing! I must say all the hard work paid off! And this summer, very hopefully I will get to enjoy some home grown, good healthy food! And I got to be active all the while.

In other news, I’m down two pounds. Slowly but surely!

One Foot In Front of the Other

This morning, I woke up. Painstakingly early, especially considering I was up extra late last night. I am a girl who likes, no loves, her sleep. However, I have always been the morning work out kind of person.

So I woke up. And then got out of bed (a very crucial step to waking up I have found). Fumbled down my steps to let my Australian Shepard Nina out to use the bathroom, fed her breakfast, turned on Pandora and got to it.

Man I felt good to stretch. I think we take for granted how much strain our bodies take each day. Especially if you are over weight!

Anyways, Very successfully I completed:

90 Crunches. 40 Jumping Jacks. 150 Arm Circles. 50 Push Ups (girl style). 100 Toe Touches. And a very wonderful 5 minutes of jogging.

All in intervals, but it feels great to really get back on it!

I have also determined that I am going to get back to drinking my usual massive amounts of water, instead of the sugared drinks and sodas. Hey, It will help me lose weight and save some money! But I feel like I’ve gotten over the first big obstacle. Getting up and getting at it.

Proud of myself *sips water*


Hello world!

Hello World! Or more specifically 3FC!

Last night I decided to take a pretty huge leap and call on help for motivation and inspiration. I am 21 and a Junior in college working on a psychology degree. I am engaged to the most wonderful man. He supports me fully in everything I do. Our wedding is set for October 19, 2013 which will be my goal date. Speaking of goals, I am at 215 pounds and need to be at 120-115.  I have a very long journey ahead of me. But it’s a journey I am ready for. Completely.

No longer do I want to worry about being tagged in a facebook photo, or have anxiety on the first day of class introducing myself. No longer do I want to constantly second guess myself because of my weight. It’s holding me back, very literally and physically. And while I am independent, working two part time jobs and putting myself through school, I just know, It’s now or never. But it will never be now without support!

On the flip side, I am always looking for new friends so comment and lets get to know each other!