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27 Dec, 2009

Menu for Tonight/Tomorrow

Posted by: altari In: Life

I’ve completely pigged out on Christmas leftovers while at my mom’s today. Ugh. So, the menu for tonight.

Japanese curry with pork, potatoes, carrots and lentils
Steamed short-grain rice
Green beans
Orange slices

Hopefully that will keep my mob filled up all night.
Tomorrow’s breakfast, the usual

Scrambled eggs with spinach
Clementines and/or bananas

Tomorrow’s mid-morning snack

Cheese cubes (probably Parmesan or Romano, I’ve got [...]

11 Nov, 2009

Finally budged

Posted by: altari In: Life

The scale moved down 2 pounds today. I don’t know what caused it, but I’m thrilled. I’d been stuck between 207 and 208 for nearly a week, and that drop down to 205.6 was quite exciting.
Of course, I had to “break” my diet today. I’m currently pigging out on pumpkin seeds. Or at least, that’s [...]