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26 Dec, 2009

A Gain

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The unfortunate reality of the holidays has set in. I’ve gained.

Not much. I’m putting it at 2 pounds. The scale read 210 this morning, but it did the other day, too. After a day of “on plan” eating, it was down to 207. The fact that my monthly is right around the corner isn’t helping either.

I already “failed” this morning my doing a sloppy swan-dive into my grandmother’s delectable almond-topped cookie bars. But, I stopped, stepped away and filled the rest of my stomach up with scrambled eggs.

Back on plan from now on. I don’t strictly need to drink on New Years, although I do love two or three glasses of champagne. Hubby and I have one nice bottle left for ourselves, so we may crack that open as the ball drops and polish it off. There are worse ways to go off plan, after all.

Christmas pictures are next to a disaster. There were good ones in with the bad, but my eye is really bothering me cosmetically. I fear I’m too old to affect any meaningful corrections.

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