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28 Oct, 2009

It was so obvious

Posted by: altari In: Revelations

My weight loss slowed for an entire week. I had been dropping .5 to 1 pound per day for two weeks, and, suddenly, it slowed to 1.5 measly pounds for the whole week. What was I doing wrong?

Had I been paying attention to my body instead of the scale, I would have realized sooner that I was dehydrated. Ketosis on low-carb is great and all, but your body will only releaes fat cells-more accurately, the water stored in the fat cells-if it has an abundant supply of liquid.

I realized this yesterday morning, when I was alarmed by how dark my urine was. I thought for a moment and couldn’t remember how long it had been since I drank an entire glass of water. 2 days? 3 days? 7 days?

So, I made it my mission yesterday to drink my self-promised 6 16-ounce glasses. I did it, “peed like a racehorse” but was down one pound this morning. I just wish I’d figured this out a week ago.

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