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Day 14; August 16, 2009

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Hmm, having nothig super-oober exciting, important, or even interesting to say is getting old. 😛 It’s just same old- same old. Diet isn’t as awesome or strict as it was at first but I have very strict plans not to give up or just hop off the wagon (no matter how tempting sometimes). Were probably getting a stationary bike soon, Which will be cool! But my birthday stuff is first. We didn’t have the money to do anything on my actual birthday, so were going to go shopping then eat at Casa Bonita (My FAVORITE rest.) on Tuesday. I can finally get a job now, which is cool. I’ll probably go apply to be a vet-helper-person at a local clinic. Oh god, I’m ranting,..Anyway, can’t wait til Tuesday is guess, I’ll post again when I can. :]


Day 12; Back on track. August 14, 2009

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Woke up this morning feeling good! I decided that today I am not going to mess up! I had half a bowl of raisin bran and some sips of propel, dang that was small! Best thing: I’m not even hungry! suh-weet. Lunch plan and Dinner not made, but I’m going to watch my portions and focus. I’m tired of letting food get the best of me. I was reading bulletins on here and found my new favorite quote “If you want something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse” perfect, right? 🙂 Well, that’s all i can think of! Have a great, healthy, and happy day!


Day 10; Happy Birthday to me :) August 12, 2009

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Well, today I slept in and my mom fixed me a cheese omelet for breakfast, I don’t know what I want to do for my birthday yet. I think just go shopping or something… dunno. So I’m getting back on track, and I’m probably going to resist as much of whatever birthday foods might come my way, lol. But I’m not making any promises about the icecream, I live for icecream… aghh! 🙂 I just felt like dropping by to blog a little about my birthday. I’m 15! Woo! 😀 Hope y’all have a great day!


Day 8; I’m back, and with a tan! :) August 10, 2009

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Hello! Well, I haven’t posted in a couple days because I went to my grandparents place and stayed for two nights :] And I didn’t get hardly any time on the computer at home. I can’t really lie, I ate a little too much, It was delicious! We had roast with carrots, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn for one dinner. And the next dinner was BBQ ribs, potato chips, cheese balls, corn, and probably some I can’t remember. It was great. I regretted it later though, ugh. I mean, It was ok to splurge a little but it threw me off. I bet I only went over by a little on each meal, but It still sucks. Oh well, at least I went swimming for HOURS, and when we got home we went for a 30 min walk! :] It was fun, especially with my new basset puppy (3 months old) Daisy. She was sooo CUTE on our walk! I had to hold her most of the way home though, because she was getting tired and scared. so cute. Anyway, I’m back and ready to rock! My family is officially on the same page as me, so that is making it a lot easier. I feel a little off track, but I’ll be back on track before ya know it! Hope you chicks didn’t do the same, lol. Til tommorow!


Day 4; August 6, 2009

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It’s late so I’ll keep it short, Today was good, only I did a lot of snacking on the fruits. I had a MEGA craving for something sweet while I was reading, so I had a bowl of Special K chocolate stuff, uh yum. I didn’t overdo anything on my meals, just snacking on fruit (a pickle or three) and a yogurt. Gah, I have to get that under control. But at least it wasn’t chips! haha, well onto the meals;
Breakfast; a bowl of raisin bran, a banana.
Lunch: Salad with 2 tbs ranch, strawberry yogurt.
Dinner: two bowls of AWESOME salad (had the works: tomato, carrots, a little cheese, each with a little ranch) some tuna stuff my mom made, and half a propel.
Snacks: Lots of fruit, a few pickles, and a yogurt.

Well, I did no calorie counting today on my meals, but I stayed in my range and watched my portions, so I shouldn’t feel so guilty about the snackage right?! urghh. Oh well, tomorrows another day! (:


Day 3; August 5, 2009

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Today woke up late again, but I don’t really mind. I’ve been doing really good at sticking to my diet, It’s not as hard as I thought it would be. I had some snackage last night, but it was only a few grapes.*insert smiley face* I plan on walking with my mom soon, were going to the dog park tomorrow. :] I’m also going to dance in my room for an hour tonight, for additional exercise. Ooohh! AND I get to go swimming again tommorow at my grandparents place! Thanks for your comments, their great! I love hearing from you all.
Breakfast: two Special K waffles, with 2 tbs syrup, a handful of green grapes and a glass of OJ. (437 calories) *a smudge over :]*
Snack: grapes (handful, a couple calories)
Lunch: Grilled Chicken, green beans, a tbs catsup, salad with 2 tbs ranch dressing, and half a propel (377 calories) *perfect* :]
Snack: Strawberry yogurt (150 calories) and another darn 100 calorie packet (chocolate cookiesss!) I WANTED IT.
Dinner: Grilled Chicken salad, with 2 tbs ranch and half a propel.
I need to work on ACTUALLY doing these, instead I’m having lunch for dinner and dinner for lunch 😛 lol.
I’m kinda addicted to grilled chicken 🙂 I’m getting a scale and stuff soon, which will be nice. School starts in like a week, along with my birthday the day after! 15 baby!! 😀

Well,  hope I can stop the snackage better tommorow, but hey, it was only one snack, *forgives self*
~Allison :]


Day 2; August 4, 2009

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Hello chickas! 🙂 Well, today I woke up late because I stayed up late watching “Indiana Jones” lol. But anyway, no complications regarding temptation, It’s actually alot easier to eat healthy if you only have healthy food in your kitchen. Since I woke up late I missed breakfast time, but I still wanted something breakfasty Sooo:
Breakfasty-lunch: small bowl Special K Chocolatey Delight, with 2% milk, one banana. (532 calories) Little too heavy.
Lunch; Iceberg salad, 4 tbsp of ranch, half a propel (333 calories) just right *insert smiley face*
Snack;Right bites 100 calorie pack, uh yum. If you have a serious adiction to sweets try these! They satisfy those sugary cravings for only 100 calories!
Dinner; two small tacos(loaded with lettuce, tomato, and a hint of cheese) Mandrin Oranges, Other half of propel (318 calories) *awesome*

Excercise: (Will add in later)

Alrightt! Having another wonderful day, hope you are too!


Day One :) August 3, 2009

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I don’t really have a ton of stuff to say about today. I’m glad my diet has finally started! Other news being I’m getting my “wisdom teeth”, what the?? Their supposed to come in around 17 and older. I feel like a horse with reins in it’s mouth. bleh. I think that they might be impacted, and need to be removed. That will probably cut into my diet, (not being able to chew). Anyway, here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast; Fruit Cup (90 cal.), propel (fitness water, (10 cal! tastes amazing!) Half the bottle.
Snack; Darn “Munchos” potato crisps (160 calories) Still sipping on that Propel (10 cal.) Other half. I’m gonna have to nag at my dad (who brought the chips home) for that one.
Lunch; Grilled Chicken salad (221 cal. plus who knows what for dressing) And some Sprite (106 cal.)
Dinner; One boneless, skinless chicken breast (142 cal.) Shredded Spinach (30 cal.) half cup applesauce (52 cal.)

Walk 1 hour (219 cal. burned)
Dancing 1 hour (333 calories burned)
Total: 552 calories burned 🙂
I should be going a little easier than that, but I know I can do it. I’ve danced in my room for 2 hours while cleaning it before, no breaks. And Walking with my mom sounds more fun than a chore.

So far having a great day, hope you all are too! 🙂


My awesome day; August 2, 2009

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So I woke up early this morning with the family and went to my grandparents for a swim, It was so much fun!! I swam for about 3 hours! 🙂 We ate a lot of good stuff, but there was breaded chicken, fries, and mashed potatoes involved, But at least I didn’t GORGE myself, lol. Beautiful weather! I got a bit of a sunburn, but that’s alright.  I love visiting my grandma, she’s the coolest. I can’t wait until I can wear a bathing suite without feeling like a big blob. Diet starts tommorow! Probably going to bed early so I can wake up on time and get in my daily walk, I’ll probably do the walks in the morning while it’s cool. Once again, had a GREAT day, hope you all had one too! 😀

~Alli =]


Day 0, I’ll get there someday :P August 1, 2009

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So I was going to start my new diet today, right? Not acording to my dads paycheck! I planned on getting some healthy food, a scale, the works, TODAY. Nope, My dads paycheck was postponed. Ugh, my luck. Oh well, It’s only for two more days! (On the 3rd now instead.) So I WILL start then, and even now I’ll be doing my excercises, but theres still a whole lot of nothin to eat (at least nothing healthy) in the kitchen. My mom and brother have signed on to the diet plan, I think my dad is too, but not sure. *sigh* Well, I’ll check in tommorow! 🙂
Later Chix!

P.S. Anyone know how to add the TickerFactory Diet ticker to my blog and profile? (really confused..) thx 🙂


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