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Weigh-in January 30, 2010

So sue me. I weighed in a cuple days late…

216.0. yay!

So tomorrow is the last day of the month. That means that I made my goal officially of losing 5+ lbs a month. Tally is 6.2 lbs. Not bad at all! Its weird how much of a difference that 6 lbs can make. My work uniform fits better, and my clothes do as well. I have a grey pair of pants that I adore but havent been able to wear that I can wear now. How fab is that?

So an analysis of the last month:

– I need to exercise more. I just didnt do enough! But baby steps right? I have the ankle injury to contend with.

– I have done okay with the CC. BUT I cant keep up with it.

– I have ate WAY less fast food this month. Baybe like 3 days this month did I eat it. That counts the thin crust veggie lovers Pizza.


So my DH has gone vegan since January 1st. He lost some weight, and says he feels a ton better than he did before. He has suggested that I go vegan for a month, and see what happens.

 Hmmmmmm….. that is something I have not done before. I mean- I tried it for like a week when the ‘granola fashion fad’ blew theough my life in the 90’s, but thats about it. I am wondering how it can be good for me. Alicia Silverstone is a vegan. And she is HOT! You can tell the difference in her body since she has changed her lifestyle.

So I think I am going to give it a go. It will be a hard lifestyle to work with, but I am going to try it. Baby steps huh? Check out I have some foods to consume (I am not a fan of wasting food) before I begin, but I still have a day or too. Couple of Healthy Choice meals left. Im still going to cook meat for the kids. I cant deny them, but on the other hand, it will be good for them to eat healthier. We will see how it goes???

***EDIT- So I read a little more about vegitarianism. I have Lupus (SCLE), and I have read numerous accounts about how this lifestyle can CURE or greatly reduce the symptoms of Lupus. Lupus is a goofy ass disease as it is, and maybe this can help me? I hate my meds, and I am tired of the flares and being sick…. I have also learned the difference between vegan and vegetarian. I am going to start out with vegetarian… vegans are those who will NOT eat meat, fish, chicken, eggs, milk or have anything to do with animal products or by-products. Vegetarians will not eat meat fish or chicken, but WILL consume eggs and dairy.


Im a good girl >_<

I ate decently yesterday, Im sure I didnt consume a *lot* of calories. I did eat a couple slice of Taco Pizza from Pizza Hut (thin crust of course). So due to the fact that I consumed like 900 calories-ish at lunch, I didnt have dinner, but I snacked on air popped popcorn in the evening. I did go to the gym last night, but I made sure that I didnt go banana nuts, and started out a little slower. I know that If I kill myself at the gym right away and be sore the next day then I wont go again. Smart huh? So I am geared up to go again tonight and incorporate a little more into the day.

So my friends K & S and DH and I were talking about taking a little vacation to VEGAS in the fall. If I continue to lose 5 lbs a month, I can be about 170 by Vegas time, which I am totally down for. It gives me a pretty big thing to work for I guess. Who wants to go to Vegas as a fatty? Not me… fo sho. It would be the shit to reach my goal of 160 by then. OMG… that would be sooo rad… Maybe Vegas can be my “ultimate goal” prize along with my Pin-Up photos?

Yep, Yep.

So I have concurred that I am done with specific calorie counting. I just dont have time for it. So I am just going to keep track of what I eat and what not. i feel confident in my abilities.

So I was supposed to have volleyball yesterday, but apparently the people short a team member miraculously ‘found’ a team member, so I got screwed outta that one. So now I am an on-call sub. Ergh.

I have a date at the gym today with dear friend S. I really need to find more gym time. Can’t wait for summer.

Calorie Counting Blues—

Welp. I think I am done with the calorie counting. I was using FitDay to track calories and activities, but it is proving to be WAY too much for me to handle. I simply cannot keep up with it any more. I dont have time to count out the calories and then input them into the FitDay. Yes my life is THAT busy. However- I have learned that over the last 25 days that I have been calorie counting. I have learned alot about my eating habits. I have also learned about what I can and cannot eat. I have learned that I CAN do this without the technical countings, and if I keep my head in the game, I will be so fine.

I have my first volleyball game tonight. Im pretty stoked.

Thank you…

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of me this week. You guys are the best. It is time to pick myself up off the ground and re-group.

So After talking with my pal N. (, we have decided to set some rewards for goals. So here we go.

CW- 218 ish.

Goal 1- 205- Something from Sephora….(up to 30 dollars)

Goal 2- ONEderland! (199)- massage!

Goal 3- 189- ??????????????   suggestions?


Did I fall off the wagon? What the hell is wrong with me? So- Friday, the good weigh in day, was DH’s 34th birthday. I was sooo busy that day with Girl Scouts, chores, all kinds of crap. I barely ate that day, but what I ate was BAD calories! At girl scouts, the co-leader brought in cookies as their snacks, and I couldnt help myself! I Ate FOUR of the little f**kers. 600 calories!!! What the hell was I thinking? I was like nom nom nom frickin Cookie monster. Then I didnt eat dinner (time constraints) and ate four beef Taquitos (the Baja Resers ones) at the bowling alley, and while they werent fried, I am sure they were naught. THEN after bowling, DH and I, and a bunch of friends went to the bar to go dancing. DH got hammered, and I drank like 4 Bud Lights. I danced my ass off, but those Buds were some calories!!!! I didnt get hammered which is good. We are not drinkers, but it was a celebration of DH’s birthday. DH discovered Beer Pong, and thank goodness I didnt play, otherwise I bet I would have consumed a thousand beer calories.

Oh. Its not over yet.

Saturday. I woke up at 0530 (went to bed at about 0200 the day before, cause i was taking care of DH and his lovely drunk ass). I was woken because Work called and wanted me to work. I didnt go in b/c I knew DH would be sleeping all day and I needed to care for the kiddos. I was ravenous in the AM!!! I have not been that hungry in forever!! So at 0200HRS earlier, I ate two fruit and grain bars because I was hungry. Then at about 0800, I made myself an english muffin with one piece of cheese, two tiny sausage patties, and three eggs. Okay, thats not too bad. But then, DD had a basket ball game and I was STILL starving. I ate a hotdog with bun, and a small lunch size bag of Doritos. *sigh*. Then DD and I went to rent some movies, and we watched Dark Crystal together. Of course I had to have popcorn. Not too many cals there. BUT THEN dinner rolled around and I was STILL!!!!!!!!!! hungry. So I ate a bowl of tuna casserole.

So I weighed in today- which I shouldnt have because now I feel like an ass. 218 lbs.

Analysis time:        Why did I eat so little on Friday and SO MUCH on Saturday? Alcohol? Maybe. Eating shitty on Friday? Probably.

Bad Aj. I have learned my lesson.

OMG!!! OMG!!!! Weigh in day!!!!

Guess What?? Guess what??


I had a goal of 5 lbs a month, and to this date, I lost 5.4 lbs total since 01/01 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Start Weight 222.2

Current Weight 216.8

Im so thrilled!

Still alive!

Just wanted to check in- to let everyone know that I am still with it and alive. I have been doing pretty well, and have weigh in tomorrow. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a loss. I stil havent gotten much time for workouts, it has been a rough week. My friend SB joined the gym that I go to, so I am hoping we can keep each other accountable. I am also joining a city league volley ball team that plays on Tuesday Nights. We are on Day 21 today. wooo hooooo!

Pin-up with the red dress…


Thats what I want to be!!!  How is everyone doing? Had a good weekend, ate well I guess. According to my fitday, my calorie counts seems to be much much lower on the weekends than during the week. I dont think I eat enough calories on the weekends to be ‘good’. I eat about 400-600 calories on teh weekends and about 1200-1800 during the week. Im sure that is soo bad.

So last night I went out with a girlfriend and walked for about an hour and 20 minutes. It was nice to have the girl time/talk and exercise at the same time. We talked about life, goals, weight, everything. We decided to start going at least once a week if we can get our schedules to coincide. Also found out that the Civic Center here in town has volleyball on Tuesday nights. I think I might participate in that…..

Weekly Weigh-in and Measurement 20100115

I weighed in today at 219.2. Thats a three pound loss since the first! Not bad for 15 days! I might make my goal of 5# this month! I also lost 6 inches total! 2 off my waist, 1.5 off my bicep area, 1.5 on my chest and 1 inch of the ol’ hips and badonkadonk.

Go me!

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