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February 13th, 2012 by tourny

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February 6th, 2012 by tourny

Weight: 70 Kg

Body fat percentage: 10% (overrides weight target one way or the other)

Waist: 30 inch

Consecutive exercises

Crunches: 100

Pushups: 60

Dips: 100

Pullups: 20

Squats: 100

Hip-ups: 100

Plank: 3 minutes

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Strength training, to wait or not to wait.

February 6th, 2012 by tourny

I’ll cut to the chase right away and then go into the story.

When it comes to strength training the most important part is that final “If I give it any more she’ll blow cap’n” rep…. So It doesn’t matter if you can do 5, 50 or 500 pushups, it’s just a means to build to that final one.

Story: “Maybe I should wait until I’ve lost some weight to make strength exercises easier.”

A common enough thought, And utterly wrong.

The first time I lost weight I did crunches daily but decided to wait until I lost weight before I tried doing pushups. By the time I had reached my goal I could do 200 situps in 2 minutes but could barely manage 4-5 pushups.

My body weighed much less but the new exercise was not easy. it was disheartening to the point that I gave up on pushups there and then.

Here I am on round two and trying to work every major muscle group. Much heavier than at my lightest and yet I can now do 5x as many pushups. Don’t put off an exercise in the hope of making it easier as strength training isn’t supposed to be easy.

It’s supposed to be hard.

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Round two. Fight!

February 5th, 2012 by tourny

I’ve been down this road before, got where I was going and slipped back practically the whole way.

Hardly an original story but although a few years have passed it does allow a fair comparison between my previous method and my current one.

Previous goal: Start-130Kg 50inch waist      Goal 70Kg 30inch waist

Previous method: 1000 calories a day (usually ready meals and diet shakes) + an hour cardio on a machine every day and as many situps as I could manage in 2 minutes.

Result: about 2 years to reach goal with multiple plateaus along the way,  some dietary knowledge but not enough to manage without prepackaged meals, not as fit cardio-wise as I should hope, powerful abs but shocking weak everywhere else. Felt great but I’m told I looked gaunt/ill at goal weight.

Current goal:  Start 125Kg 48Inch waist    Goal 70Kg 30inch waist

Current method: 1300-1500 calories a day (counting most vegetables as zero and usually home cooking) with a day off every fortnight to satisfy cravings (anything I want, more calories than usual, but not silly quantities) + a split routine of bodyweight exercise (day 1 upper body, day 2 lower body, day 3 rest, rinse, repeat)

Results: Obviously still ongoing so a full comparison isn’t possible as yet, some conclusions can still be reached.  (as of writing 98Kg 40inch waist)

Almost 4 1/2 months in and a cats whisker away from my half way point (22.5 Kg lost). Seems slower than I recall but as the previous attempt took 2 years it obviously wasn’t as fast as I thought. It is at least steady progress and every blip has evened itself out a week or so later.

Significant dietary knowledge accompanied by cookery skills that remove any reliance on pre-packaged food. Not much cop cardio wise still, but I plan to work on that once a little more weight has gone using Burpees. All round strength is making progress but it’s still to early to judge effective gains, in terms of Cardio/strength for weight loss, strength certainly seems to provide results that are just as good if not better for less time and effort overall…. we’ll see if that trend continues. Feel good but plenty still to lose

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