I am a (almost) 38 year old mom of 2, wife, and photographer. I was born with a heart murmur and doctors didn’t think I would live more than a couple hours. Then told my mother I wouldn’t live through the night, then it wasn’t to see my first birthday, then it was my 3rd, 5th, etc. (you get the idea). I became a young mom at age 18, lost all my baby weight and then some. 1997 I miss carried in August, and became very depressed. I did however quit smoking, and about the time I started to get over some of the depression, I became very ill with pneumonia, and bronchitis. I was put on a number of antibiotics but just couldn’t get better. My doctor sent me back to my cardiologist. She scheduled me to have the little video probe thing done, going down the throat. Within an hour after having this test done she sent me straight over to my surgeon and he scheduled me for heart surgery a few days later. Freaked out and scared I went home and planned for my surgery. Surgery went great was home in a week and mobile. Then 4 months later I was pregnant.

So in 6 short months, I miscarried, quit smoking, had heart surgery, and was pregnant. Needles to say I gained almost 75lbs in this 6 months. But only gained 9 more during my pregnancy. BUT after the baby came and I was home ALL day I slowly started putting on more and more weight. Then in 2003 I starting loosing the use of my hands, and nearly every joint in my body was swollen. After 6 months of doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with me (ALL my blood work was perfect) I insisted on seeing a rheumatologist. I did my own research and found a woman who’s story was so mine that I just knew this is what was wrong with me as it can take MANY years for RA to show up in your blood work. I met my Rheumatologist and she knew the minute she tried to shake my hand I had RA. She started me on meds that day along with weekly shots and my RA has been pretty good since. It took over 6 years for the RA to show in my blood work.

April 2010 I decided to change my life and lose weight. I did GREAT went from 271lbs to 176 in like 10 months. Then June of 2011 I started getting tired, and in constant pain, (mostly my shoulders and arms at this point) no energy etc. and started gaining weight back. For months I just couldn’t do much of anything. Went to the doctor over and over and finally was diagnosed with the Fibro this last Jan. (2013) I am still achey but doing much better.

So here I am with 16 years of weight gain (about 150lbs gained) and I am ready to get my body, health, and life back.

My highest weight 271lbs and my goal is 130.

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