I’m a Survivor!

Grrr, I actually can’t stand that song by Destiny’s Child, but it sums up, perfectly, how I feel.

I survived the holiday weekend and actually lost weight!

For the past ten days or so, I’ve been keeping on track with my calories.  I’ve also discovered coffee!  I love it.  It helps keep my appetite in check, gives me a boost in the morning, and the flavor is unbeatable! I’m down to 164.2 today and I’m excited about that.  I think I’ll be 163 in a few days. . .I haven’t seen 163 in weeks now.

Also, I haven’t binged in nearly a week.   🙂


Yesterday I was complaining that I weighed 165 even though I thought I was doing well on my diet. Today I am up by 1.6lbs after a binge last night.   This binge wasn’t TOO bad, but it was still a binge.  I waited until my boyfriend left to go rock climbing and then ordered Thai food.  The amount I ate wasn’t huge, but I wolfed down and order of dumplings, an order of drunken noodles, and a coke in less than 10 minutes.  I felt super-stuffed afterwards.  I always take the evidence (containers, utensils, napkins, receipts, etc) to the trash can immediately after so that my boyfriend does not find them.

So, I’m back at the beginning.  166.6 lbs. . .51.6lbs to go.


I’m silly.  I signed up for a Livejournal blog only to find out two days later that 3FC offers blogs!  So, here are the posts I made to the LJ blog so far:

May 18th, 2009:

Goal #1–154LB by end of June.

Goal #2 –144LB by end of July.

Goal #3 — 134LB by end of August

Goal #4 — 124 LB by end of September

Goal #5 — 115LB by end of October.

Let’s see if I can more or less reach these in the time frame given.

Usually I try to eat my lunches alone.  I don’t like for my co-workers to question why I’m only eating a salad and water.  I want to be healthy and I don’t want to have to explain that to anyone.

Anyway, I had lunch with a co-worker today. . .my mistake.  I ended up having a turkey sandwich on an Italian roll for lunch.  Around 500 calories.

I didn’t totally blow it though.  I only had lettuce, tomato, and Dijon mustard as toppings.  I’m still confident that I will lose weight.  According to the Daily Plate, I still have a surplus of 350 calories (excluding my dinner).  We shall see what the scale says tomorrow!

Usually, between 10:30 AM and 11:00 AM I suffer from terrible hunger.  So much so that I am literally COMPELLED  to eat something. . .fast!  Usually I reach for a 100 calorie granola bar to treat the hunger.  Today, I’m not feeling those pains so much.  It’s really strange!  I think I’ll be able to hold off until lunch (when I’ll order a salad with half a chicken breast and bit of feta cheese).

Maybe I’m getting used to eating a smaller amount of food. . .

This morning the scale was kind to me.  Usually I can predict weight loss or gain by the number on the scale before I go to sleep.  Last night it was 167.2.  Usually, I can expect to be two pounds lighter in the morning.  So, I was expecting to weigh around 165 this morning.  However, when I stepped on the scale, I was 164.4.  That’s not too much of a gain from Saturday (I weighed 163.7 then).

I’ve learned my lesson with the weekend “cheats”.  I must remember not to go overboard.  Had I not gone overboard on Saturday and Sunday, I would have been around 162 this morning.

Today I plan on having my usual breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Let’s see how things shape up tomorrow!

May 20th, 2009:

Yesterday, I did very well on my diet. . .yet, I gained .6 lbs 165.0.  I’m discouraged.

Today, I’ve been on a mini-binge at work.  I’ve eaten seven granola bars, a sandwich, soup, and candy. . .all in a few hours.  I feel a full-on binge coming. . .probably tonight.

I’ll gain all of the weight that I lost back.  I’m just hoping I can lose the weight over the summer before we move.  I’m discouraged and sad.  I feel like a failure.