Night Out

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A couple nights ago I went out to sing some karaoke with a few co-workers. It was the first time I’ve gone out to a bar since I’ve started Ideal Protein…I was a little nervous but it was a lot of fun. The bar only takes cash so I saved myself temptation and didn’t bring any money or debit cards with me. Just sipped on water and sang a few songs.

What I noticed most is I feel more confident in going out. I just felt plain…good!!!! One of the things I’m happiest about right now is that I have a chin again. Here, let me show you.


In this picture, taken in October of last year, you can see a profile view of me and my sloped chin.


And in this one, it’s more defined!!!!!

And here’s one final pic with me facing the camera.


Seeing results so quickly is rewarding for me and I’m glad I went with Ideal Protein.

Speaking of which, time to make dinner!

Temptation, Temptation, how I loath thee

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Work this week was kind of stressful. We’re short staffed and it was announced that one, possibly two managers will be leaving soon so everyone is scrambling. Business has ironically picked up and according to the general manager we haven’t had a summer this busy for over five years….so great for my job but it’s exhausting!!!

Temptations hit me a little harder this week than the past couple. At one point management ordered pizza for all of us from a local restaurant that is just to die for, and one night a huge platter of cookies and my favorite brownies was put down next to me. It was SO HARD not to just pick one up and have one. But I’m so proud that I didn’t…I’m still relatively new to this diet and as of my last weigh in a week ago I’ve lost 11 lbs, and I am so worried that I think even one tiny bite will set me back immensely, so I’m glad I didn’t even try.

In two days is my next weigh in and hopefully I’ll be equally as happy as with my last two!!!

Tuggin’ Up My Pants

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I’ve always been an impatient kind of girl. Things were hard for me to commit to unless I could see immediate changes or results. This flaw has caused me to give in easily or move on to the next best thing. But then I met Ideal Protein….

…and in 2.5 weeks I’ve lost 11 lbs and just over 2 inches!!! I’m normally weary of any so-called “fad” diet, but as I researched IP more I realized that it probably wasn’t that bad of a deal. You have a coach who monitors your progress and makes sure nothing bad occurs due to the diet. They provide supplements so that even though you’re cutting your calorie intake by half, you are still getting the nutrients you need. And their plan lets you see drastic, immediate results! On the 4th day of my diet, people were telling me that they could see the weight loss in my face already!!! What a great feeling!!!

Now, I am constantly having to tug my pants up and my shirts hang a little looser. What a great feeling!

Today after my weigh in I went and bought a ton of veggies and came home and chopped. And chopped. And cooked. I made meals for the rest of the week so that I’m sure to get a variety and not get too bored, which may lead to me falling off the bandwagon.

I’ll post a couple “before” photos…I don’t have any that were taken right before I started the diet, but you’ll get the idea. I’ll post more when I’ve lost a total of 20 lbs!!





Hello world!

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I just have to say, diets aren’t really my thing. Or they weren’t. But after I heard about my mom’s friend’s HUGE success (she was able to go off her insulin) on the Ideal Protein Diet, I decided to give it a try, and I’m really glad I did. After one week of being on the diet, I’ve lost just over 5lbs. I go in for my second weigh in tomorrow, and I’m very excited.

Getting started was a little difficult-I work in a full service hotel so I’m surrounded by yummy-looking food for 8 hours a day and the temptation is there but so far I’ve been able to tell it to get the heck out of my mind! Since the diet is still new to me and I’m still working my exact routine out, going out with friends is a little difficult, but I’m learning to not let the diet be the only part of my life I focus on-just a major part.

Another exciting aspect of this diet is that it’s actually forcing me to cook, and not eat whatever is easiest in my pantry, which is what I used to do and was horrible for my diet. I’m having fun researching new recipes that are diet-friendly. I’ve made a really good oatmeal zucchini muffin one that uses the Maple Oatmeal from IP-sooooo good!

I am really excited to join 3 fat chicks and learn from others and hopefully give support in any way I can! I look forward to talking with all of you and celebrating our success together!

Until then,