Let me introduce myself

claudz on May 14th 2013 05:51 am

So who am I?

Well, I am a 26 yeear old female from Cape Town South Africa. I have been wanting to do some travelling, but I am afraid that my weight might limit me to what I can do when I get there… currently (this morning) I weighed in at 121.7kg (163cm tall)… which is A HUGE amount of weight. I have been struggling all my life, but I always just seem to never ever get to a goal that I set for myself. I work in accounts, so my job does not allow for much movement, and its quite easy to just sit and eat all I want at my desk… munching constantly, mindlessly. But I have set a goal for myself, I am going to spend New Years Eve in Paris… but I am wanting to weigh 95kg, that would be a total loss of 26.7kg… whether I get there or not, I am not sure, but I am hoping to reach as close to it as possible!

So what am I doing to get there?
I have started using my Zumba Fitness DVDs… I’m doing the 10 Day Fat Loss Accelerator… it is quite intense and I love doing it.

I am also having a USN Diet Fuel shake for breakfast and lunch, and a healthy meal at lunch time… I am trying to not count calories or anything, but just stick to eating healthy. I dont know if this is the correct way to be doing things, but I am really going to give it my all.

So for now, my mini goal is to be below 120kg… that is all I want for now, and then to take it from there.

I have also started self-hypnosis for Self Belief, I am hoping that this will help give me the courage I need to get through this.

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