My Valentines Gift to Myself

Posted by 300pounds on February 14th, 2012 |Filed Under Uncategorized | Leave a Comment

Ok; I guess I’ll just jump in!

I’m a 28 year old wife and mom, who needs to lose weight. I’ve been a member here for forever. I don’t even remember when I first joined. But my weight struggle is ten years old, and today (Valentines day) I hit the scales at my highest weight ever. A flat 300 pounds.

Ten and a half years ago? I was 18, I was 125 pounds and I had the optimism of most kids my age.

Today? I’ve gone on a long journey, that was nothing like I thought it was. I’ve steadily gained weight – once, four years ago losing thirty pounds before gaining it back plus seventy more.

My husband is a truck driver, traveling for four to six weeks at a time, then home for four days before he leaves again. (I myself spent four years as a truck driver, but with a young daughter the gypsy lifestyle just isn’t a good one!) So I spend the bulk of my time as a single mom – something that has led to depression, consumption of fast food and an addiction to baking (and eating) which needs to change.

At this point (300 pounds) I’ve decided that I am giving myself the best possibly Valentines Day Gift – a new life. I am not setting any real goals – aside from a few small ones – 5% and 10% loss. I really just want to make better choices, get a little healthier so I can enjoy life with my daughter and to help her NOT to live this lifestyle.

I’ll come back later (tonight?) for my official weigh in and starting photos post.