49 days IN….38 days to GO…

Its been a couple of weeks, hasn’t it. There has been a lot of spammers on here lately. I thought maybe it would be people reading my blog, but nope. Im thinking of maybe doing P90x… It looks really intense. Maybe that is what I need. My aunt came up with a biggest loser style challenge. Theres 20 people doing it. It was 50 dollars to join, And the person who has the hugest percentage of weight loss get 1000 dollars, right before Christmas. I sure hope it will be me. Ive having a bit of a rough go these last two weeks. But I know once the bf gets home it will be much better! I hate cooking for just one person.. Id rather cook for two.

Its been 49 days since he left for sea, and another 38 days till hes home. Then december 13 we are off to GERMANY!! can you believe it? I sure cant!

But this is just a little blog entry, I will write more in a couple of days!

Oh yeah im on the twitter…
justkate3 i think my thingy is..


70 percent….


I finally am getting my back fixed. I made an appointment with a chiropractor and she is a godsend. The end of my spine, between my pelvic bones, isn’t moving. So therefore, my legs are moving right either. Which would explain the numbness and tightness in my legs. Because the doctor just gave me pain meds, the two weeks that I was “resting”, made it worse. So now im going to the chiropractor 3 times a week. Its amazing, I cant believe how much I am able to move now. Still not allowed to work out, but I do have to do certain stretches to keep moving. My back is still very swollen. Ive been icing it every couple of hours, or when ive been up doing lots of moving around. The meds I was taking, made stuff not.. work.. If you know what i mean.. blocked up.. HAHA. As soon as I came off the meds.. it all came out. all 15 pounds of it. I cant wait for my Doctor to tell me its okay to start working again.

Its been 25 days, since my bf left for sea. 63 days and hes coming home. Im so excited. I cant wait for the love of my life to come home. I miss him soo much. I hope to have a full time job before he comes home too. Were still trying to book our trip to Germany. He is still waiting for his leave pass and its driving me crazy. I just want the tickets bought, so all I have to do is renew my passport.

ITS my best friends birthday today. She wants to go clubbing but has never been. I cant drink because im still on meds and can only walk for all of ten min. I was hoping she would just do a dinner
oh well. But its pretty late so im off to bed.

good night everybody


I found my MOJO!!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I found my Mojo! After weeks upon weeks of it missing. Its come back home! Even though I hurt my back, I could still probably do some low impact work outs. Swimming, Walking and little stuff. Im determined as hell. Right now with my back I plan to walk a couple of miles everyday and eat right. I want my bf to come home from sea and see a healthier me. I also Owe it to my self. The light bulb finally went on! YAY YAY YAY!! I can’t just sit here and be sad because of everything, I gotta focus and now is the time to do so. Im not going to back to school till jan so I have lots of time to take care of me.

Im trying to decide if Im going to cook everything up tomorrow, so i just have to heat it up. Im not sure. I will cook a bunch of chicken up so I can have chicken salads. Because my bf is at sea right now, and I dont drive, Ive ordered my groceries online and they will be delivered tomorrow! It only costs ten dollars to get them delivered. Cheaper than a cab! Its awesome. I will get them delivered until he comes home. The only stuff I will walk to pick up are veggies and such. I feel soo good, Minus my sleeping schedule is all messed up. But im pulling an all nighter so i can get back into a normal schedule!

Im also trying to decide how to get my hair done before I go home to Germany for christmass. Any ideas Please let me know. I want something new and awesome! and any colour suggestions would be awesome!

Oh man! I feel back to my old self! Yes yes yes

But Im going to go write some emails, and such

good night


Shooting stars a plenty…

Shooting stars! They are everywhere in the sky. I saw tons and wished hard!

So I went to the doctor and it turns out I have a slipped disc, and a pinched nerve. I have another doctors app on Monday so they can send me to a back doctor. Im on some pretty strong meds. Emtec, which is kinda like t3s with out caffeine. Im also on Cyclobenzaprine, That stuff is so intense. I dont like the feeling of being all doped up. I feel useless. So im pretty much just laying down, watching movies and sleeping. I cant wait for my back to get better. Still no appetite. So ive been drinking my calories. Thank god for poweraid!

Im going to start reading eat, pray, love. I hope its really good. I want to see the movie but i want to read the book first. Ive been reading a lot lately. I know this is going to be lame but… I have discovered Harlequin novels. Not the normal ones, but the nocturne ones. Theres more story to them.. a bit of sexy parts but more story. And they have paranormal ones. They are realllly good. They are of course fluff novels but still good. At wal mart they have them 2 for 4 dollars. 🙂

But im going to take my last pill before i drift off to sleep. Hope i get better soon!

good night bloggers!


Im too young for this shit

Oh man. My back. Hurts. So bad. Fack.

So, I don’t know what I did to my back, But whatever I did do, well it’s bad. Ive been stuck laying down for the last two days with spasms everything hour and a bit. Pills, pills, and more pills and no relief. Im finally being dragged to a doctor tomorrow. Boo. Im much to young to have these problems. At least im changing my way and getting in better shape, or else Im sure this will be the least of my worries.

I miss my boyfriend now horribly. I got to talk to him for a little bit again, which was super nice. I hope i get an email from him soon. I actually heard from my grama today, which was a super nice surprise. It’s usually awkward on the phone with her, but this i just talked to her like i was talking to my mom. I wish my family lived closer, But that will probably never happen. Because all of my family is and probably always be military. Im proud of it, but its hard.

Eating habits this week, or lack of. Since ive been taking these back meds, ive lost my appetite completely. Ive been trying to get some foods in but i just wanna barf em up. Im hoping once my back gets better, so will my appetite.

Ive been sitting out on my balcony, enjoying a cup of hot tea and a smoke (i know its bad and pretty gross but its the only time of the day i have one, and only when its cold at night.. i dont know why it has to be like that but its very relaxing. and you know what … I enjoy it) I bring my lappy out and blog and just surf the web. Its a great way to end the day, I also live in a pretty quite neighbour hood.

but im off to bed.

good night world


Pop! goes the world…

Look! Im Back, And it’s only been a day. Yay! I threw my back out today. I used to be a chamber maid and hurt my back pretty bad on the job. Im hoping the more I get in shape the stronger my back will become. Lets see, I was kind of productive today. I cleaned the whole house, cooked a proper dinner. It was a Sheppard pie. I tweaked it a bit though. I still used potatoes and unsalted butter, carrots (triple the amount), lots of corn, and peas and instead of hamburger meat, I used Veggie ground round. To flavour the ground round I used a half a package of gravy mix and a bit of water and let it simmer. So yummY! I love veggie ground round. I use it for almost anything that I used to use hamburger meat. I prefer the taste. I also Make a great casserole which isn’t too bad either.

2 cans of Campbells mushroom soup ( the lest fat or salt one its better on cals)
1 box of whole wheat macaroni noodles
1 package of Yves veggie ground round (better for cals and lots of veggies but, ground turkey or beef works)
1 sleeve of saltines
A bit of cheese shredded

Cook the ground round, while boiling the noodles.

when the noodles are done drain the water, and add the ground round, 2 cans of soup and a bit of the bit of cheese and stir it all up
place into a casserole dish then crush the crackers on top and sprinkle a bit of cheese on top put int the oven at 400 for ten to 15 min..

and dinner is done.. it takes no time at all and feeds a lot of people. and its cheap:)

The bf called me from port today! yay! and we even got to talk for 30 min.. usually we get.. 6 or 7 min.
I love him soo much. I also walked 3 miles today! hooray!

But im off to eat some berries and order my groceries. thats right i order them on line, so i cant go nuts with bad stuff !

much love


Where is my Mojo??

Okay, I know it’s been forever. Im sorry. I will try to post more. Lets see here, Im on my own now. The bf is gone to sea till the end of November. Ive been lacking some drive since he left but im sure it will eventually come back. Before he left we spent an awesome week up in kelowna. If you’ve ever been, you know how beautiful it is. If not, one day you must go. Spent a day on the boat on lake okanagan. Went to mission hill winery. Spent the day at a vineyard and private beach. Man there is some money up there. Went hiking, biking and shooting in the woods. It was awesome. I had such an amazing time. I even did okay with the hot weather. Holy crap is it dry out there. Im sure happy to be back in vic though. Its cooling down here quite a bit.

Heres a couple pics of the bf and I on our trip.

*oh yeah we also went on a helicopter ride*

Back to the whole weight loss issue. Ive been trying to deal with my own issues and have come to realize that to me NUMBERS dont matter to me. The BMI is bull. It takes nothing in to account. This is just how I feel. I will no longer let a number devastate me. The thing thats always works for me is Watching what I put in my mouth (mainly just portions I always have ate fairly healthy), and moving my body. I may never get to be 160 pounds, But you know what, Im okay with that. Some people are probably loading up their guns reading this. This is how i feel, I Just want to love me. And be okay with what i have now. I dont think I look terrible, But what i do need is too get in better shape. I have such a skewed body image from my ex-bf. He Told me many horrible things, like “the only thing that separates you and those other girls is your body” God I was young and stupid. Im just ready to be in better shape, whatever shape i become and love me. I want to believe when my Bf tells me im beautiful. Im doing something that I believe i can keep up long term.

Glad to be back:) Hope to write alot more.


welcome to the freakshow….

Okay the countdown has started.. 20 days and then my super lovely bf will be off to sea to for four months. I need to get my butt to the gym more than every now and then. I have been drinking lots and lots of water. Its been shitty weather so far. Cloudy and rainy … or it starts out really nice then when your on the lake it changes to crappy! Bleh! Im going back to writing everything I eat down. As soon as I stopped… Well the pounds have not moved.. But thats okay, Ive been eating better and better every month. Im hoping to keep shaving the inches like i have been. I also noticed that when i dont blog.. I dont loose.. But if i do blog.. I loose. I wonder if people are still reading my blog. My parents finally made it to germany!! yay! The bf and i will be there for a whole month in dec and i cant wait! Im thinking about joining a zumba class.. just not so sure yet.. we will see.. 🙂 well tomorrow im back to writing down and weight watchers!

Now to just find a fing job!

So its been a month or so baddd mee

Its been So long since ive last posted. Not much has changed.. Still looking for a job… Stilling working out.. Still fat LOL. Ive been addicted to the show army wives. I just cant get enough! I’ve been stressing out this past month. My BF leaves for sea in 22 days, Im nervous. I cant sleep well when hes not home. Hes gone for 4 months. Oh the life of being a navy girlfriend. I feel like I have been stalling because im just waiting for the BF to go. We have so much to do before he leaves. Bleh LOL.. Tomorrow were going to see a travel agent about our big trip to Germany to visit my parents.. We have figured out our dates… thats about it. Dec 15 to jan 10th .. its going to be amazing.. My friends think he is going to propose… I hope he does.. HEHE.. Were going to go to paris and london, the netherlands, and a couple other places. Im so excited.. My parents are actually on the plane as we speak to there new home! its outrageous! Im so tired.. I will promise to blog every couple of days!

wind.. i love windy days!

As much as i say i hate living in Victoria.. i dont think i would want to be anywhere else. The kind of weather we are having today is by far my most fav. Its warm with this wonderful wind.. a nice cool wind. And its 8pm and still sunny! Im going for a walk in a little bit to enjoy it. I broke down last night and this morning. I was so mad at my self for going off plan, still not having a job (its only been a week so i shouldn’t be too upset), and just not caring enough. We all have times in our lives like this, But i really need to get past mine! I have been on plan all day and feel good food wise and water wise.. exercise wise.. Well.. im getting back to it. I need to take care of number ONE! Especially if i one day want to have a family. My house is soo clean and i love love love love it! Its sometimes nice having the bf at sea.. but right now .. i really miss him, and I wrote him a email about how im feeling about everything.. i dont usually talk to him about loosing weight and such but i want to talk to him about how im feeling. And at the end i wrote.. I cant wait for the day that your back home and can tell me everything is going to be alright. I know its overly dramatic but sometimes hearing those words from him.. Help alot. But Im getting my stuff back together and going to giv’er! I have the biggest loser challenge to do. and i will not let my team down!.. I actually enjoyed everything i ate so far today! I had 2 eggs (yolk included i dont get why people always want the whites) and some whole wheat toast with a cup of earl grey tea! yumm.. and for lunch i had a grill cheese sammy with a cup of roasted red pepper and tomato soup! and for dinner i will be having some fish and roasted potatoes with green beans! also the bf and i went grocery shopping before he left and curves 100 cal granola bars were on sale at safeway 4 for 10 dollars! Even though i still had 2 boxes of granola bars from the last time they were on sale for 5 for ten.. Ever since safeway has started there newer every day lower prices it has been amazing to shop there!. well wish me luck on job hunting.. im off to eat some dinner and go for a walk!