Healthy living: living update

Hello world,

I’m sick. I appologized for the lack of blogging and update these days, but for some reason, I don’t feel like doing anything anymore. I guess I am kinda dissapointed about my grades.. and all. Yea, my mom told me not to be so sad about my grades, but I can’t help get depressed when it doesn’t turn out right.

As for my weight, it’s okay. It’s not going anywhere. I have more time to exercise now because I’m on spring break. But then my eating habit itsn’t very good. Since spring break, all my friends want to meet up and go “hang-out”. Thus, this lead to excessive eating, excessive sweet & fattening food. Worse off, I think I’m getting sick. SO, that mean no gym for me. Um.. yea

Well, I guess I’m kinda down, and lazy at the moment and that is b/c of 2 things:

1. My grades. I hope it’s not that bad 🙁

2. My crush.(Okay, i been hiding this from you all, but recently have i have a crush on this person. But they are in a relationship. That person also like me .. i think. BUt I told myself i’m not gonna go there. Because it’s bad. I don’t want to get involved in these kinda of ordeals because I know somewhere along the way, someone is going to get hurt. So, I took this on myself, I and walked out. Thus, I been down lately.. and maybe that was the reason for my lack of sleep & excessive eating of sweets & fat.)…. lol.. pathetic. I know.

But I guess, that sums it up. I haven’t been doing a photoshoot but I swear I will do one soon. It will be up before spring break is over. Now, I’m going to go weight myself and start over again. I need to clear my head and get over this girl. And I NEED to concentrate and focus on school.

I need to raise my grades! Argggh. I can’t let these kinda things get to me. ALso, I think I will need to do a day to day calories check in again because of my excessive eating lately.

Hope all is well for you! I’ll be browsing around your blog to gain inspiration again! 🙂

3 Responses to “Healthy living: living update”

  1. incontrol2day Says:

    Good luck with your goals!

  2. journey2skinny Says:

    girls are worst than boys lol.

    Relationships are easy to come by.. education well that’s an opportunity one should never Frack around with. I know..I’ve been there 🙂 I’d say put your energy and time in school and get your grades up.

    You are young. There’s plenty of mermaids in the sea.. you got plenty of time finding the right one just for you.

    They’ll flock you flies on honey on a hot day when you’re making $$$ as a doctor. Trust me on this.. 🙂

  3. lyrical Says:

    Cheer up buttercup! 🙂 Don’t let your grades get you down, they can alway be brought back up with a little hard work and late nights. I can’t tell you the number of times in college I had to litterally tie myself down to a chair to get readings done, or reward myself with a gummy bear for every page I read. (reward systems probably isn’t the best advice here! lol) Point is keep it up, your grades will come up! Hope you have a good weekend! 🙂

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