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Healthy living: Rashes…. EWWWW

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Yes, NOooo!! bUT yes. πŸ™ I got a rash on my face! … and i would like to say one thing..


Okay, yes, it’s on my face, and I will have to learn how to live it with until it goes away. It started yesterday and it have continued until today. I think I got an allergic reaction. It doesn’t happen to me much since I can only recalled it happen to me 3x in my whole entired life. THe first 2 times was when I was traveling… one in vietnam and one in Hawaii.

But now, I got it all over my face and it itches as well. The more I look at it, the more it itches.. so i tried to not look at it and ignored it. And.. it still itchess…AHHHH

Okay, So because of the itch.. my face have been really burning up.. so I have been drinking water like crazy to stop myself from being dehydraded.. and it keep me “cool” internally. Also, I been eating a lot of beans b/c my mom said it suppose to help.. because she did this to me before when i was young.

So that mean I don’t have a very accurate weight on myself today.. and i cannot do a digital update. But luckily, I have manage to do a digital update earlier this week and I’ll post it now! πŸ™‚ I knew doing it early will save me from catastrophic downfall like these.

Healthy living Daily Record: 1/6/12

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Hey hey, just checking in. It’s passed my bedtime and i just remembered i need to post this

Breakfast: 2 ban bao (300) + 1 bowl noodle (300)

Lunch: 1 bread (200) + 1 bowl salad (200) + 2 ban (100)

Dinner: 1 bowl of pho (500)

Total: 1600 calories

Summary: Not bad, I could have exercise.. and drink more water.

Healthy living Daily Record: 1/5/12–checkin

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

its’ extremely late, and very overy my bedtime, but i was up late talking to an old friend and i thought it was completely worth it. πŸ™‚

Breakfast: 1 bread (200)

Lunch: 1 bread (200) + 1 pho (600)

Dinner: 1 bread (200) + 1 bowl rice (250) +salad (200)

Total: 1640 calories

The Total: Not bad πŸ™‚

oh, so, i got a song for everyone..


it’s fun πŸ™‚

Healthy Living: The Struggle to Post

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Today, I want to admit something to myself.. and something to 3fatchicks.

Something came over me today.. something I am quit ashamed to the world.. and to myself.

I am ashamed of what I have become… I started this blog with a dream.. and an ambition to eat healthy..and live a healther lifestyle for myself.. and hopefully inspired myself family members to do the same.

Well.. I achived all of that. I lost 10 lbs.. kinda.. and my parents are eating a lot healthier. My parents even goes to the gym now. But for me.. things isnt’ getting better.. and it’s getting worse. If you check my weight lost records.. to see I have been gaining lately.. and always STRUGGLE in the 125s.. between 120s..

ANd I know.. for some of you guys.. it’s a pretty good weight. But for me, it’s not good enough. I’m a little hard on myself.. b/c.. well..b/c I am just a little bit.. just a little bit.. Weird. I DON’T know why.. but I WANT TO BE under 120S! ARGGH. call me stupid, immature girl.. BUT then, all of my friends.. are 110-120s..

AND .. my relatives.. are always calling me fat.. b/c their freak daughters are like 100-110s.. so WHEN i wals around as a 125.. they still being a little mean with my weight. OKAY.. i know i shouldn’t be complaining and label my relatives as stupid. But yes, the trends now is “skinny is in”.. so, most of the clothes that are fashionable these days for young girls are always small.. and if you notice, female actress on the TV is always getting skinner and skinner .. and skinner.. and these korean female idol.. which i kinda worship.. b/c my god are they pretty.. and also getting skinner and skinner .. to the point that i believe are living with a eating disorder.

But.. then again, skinny is in. And I know my original goal is set out to be healthy living. and eating healthy.. maybe.. i’m asking to much to be 120s.. or i don’t have an legitmate reason to be 120.. but I still do.. I still would work toward it.. it’s what I want….and it’s what i’m gonna get. I want to be below 120. THAT’S it. ..

and.. the reason why i stop blogging much is that, i was getting a little dissapointed and kinda ashamed of myself.. b/c i wasn’t making progress. and it just look bad.. b/c i’m not losing weight. So, i stop blogging.. welll. that was a mistake and even stupid. b/c as i stop blogging.. i started gaining..

SO, be prepare to hear from me more often.. 3x a WEEK. i promise!Β  gOOD NIGHT WORLD

Healhty Living: DOOOMMM

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012


ALL I CAN SAY.. IS.. DOOOMM !! πŸ™ … Okay, maybe I’m exagerating just a little.. but it’s pretty bad.

Let’s me recall these past few I struggle to post.

A WEEK AGO, before Christmas, I went to the gym daily and I ate healther. Everything can’t be merrier.

However, after 2 days of christmas break from the gym.. b/c the gym doesn’t open on christmas eve and christmas day, i suddenly became lazy. I started eating fatty things.. b/c it was the holidays.. and everyone was eating those stuff.. and my family were eating it.. so I can’t just put it down.. so i kinda wasted myself those past few days..

And then, after christmas, i went to the gym again for 1 day. THen, I suddenly became ill.. and then, I couldn’t go to the gym.. and i started getting fat.. and SUDDENTLY, … NEW YEAR came around.. and more EATING.. and MORE EATING.. oh.. my calories T___T.. i don’t even know where to count.

I think.. with my memories.. New year day was aroudn 1600s, 1/2/12 = 1800s.. and today.. I went to a CHINESE resturant to celebrate new year with my family.. and that was 1000 calories that night.. T_T

..and I CAN’T go to the gym tomorrow.. b/c i’m on my period.. and THAT really suck. So, all I can do.. is.. well.. sit. πŸ™

So.. let me recall my calories..

Morning: 1 bread (250) + 2 meat roll (300)

Lunch: 1 snack bar (70) + 1 meat roll (150) + 1 bowl of rice (250) + 1 bread (100)

Dinner: 1 lobster (400) + fried chikenΒ  ( 200) + sweet chinese buns (400) + 1 bowl rice soup (200)

Total: 2320 calories..

WOOW.. Just wow..Β  πŸ™

WELL.. I was planning to lose some weight.. and hopefully joining a pagent next summer.. It’s always been my dream as a girl to enter a pagent for fun. darn… who am i fooling..


I know it’s been like.. the 100x I been telling myself this is the LAST TIME.. BUT IT IS THE LAST TIME.. i know TODAY WAS bad, but today was SOMETHING I WILL ALLOW myself, b/c i deserved it! IT’S MY NEW YEAR GIFT FOR MYSELF!

But tomorrorw.. THINGS WILL be back to normal! I will BE EATING within the 1500s calories with FRUITS AND APPLES & EXERCISE! anD.. 8 glass of water PER DAY!

.. and YOU KNOW WHAT.. i’m gonna be sticker on me WHEN IT COMES TO SWEETS! b/c.. I HAVE A GOAL.!