Healthy Living Daily Record: 1/22/12

1/21/12 = 1470 calories (…I drank a lot of water & ate a lot of fruits.. my parents were busy working.. and too lazy to cook.)


B: Soup (200) + bread (100)

Lunch: 1 bowl rice (250) + 1 soup (200) + 1 bread (100)

Dinner: 1 bowl rice (250) + Fish (50) + Soup (200) + Pork (200)

Exercise: none 🙁

Total: 1500s

The good: I’m very happy with myself. Not because I ate on calories.. not because I’m taking care of myself.

But I have finally come to terms with myself. I am happy because I am myself. I am happy and greatful for my parents. 😀

I have been suffering from some drama in my life. I think it’s miserable and it make me sad. But then I realized.. well, life is always through shit at you. AND you’ll just have to stand up and fix it.. and live with it and make it better for yourself. And.. at the end of the day, love yourself for who you are.

Sometime.. you got to spend a little time to appreciate yourself! 😀

(I know.. this post is kinda wierd.. it doesn’t make sense..)

2 Responses to “Healthy Living Daily Record: 1/22/12”

  1. journey2skinny Says:

    Good for you 🙂 Life is indeed to short to be immersed in unnecessary drama.
    You got it good girl, keep up the good work and staying positive!

  2. jewlz280 Says:

    That is so good to hear! You seem pretty great to me! Smart, funny, determined, and so nice to take the time to comment to others and be supportive. You really DO have lots of GREAT qualities. And let’s face it, you’re cute! Not in a kid way, but in a young girl way. Well, young to me… I’m getting OLD! LOL So, I’m glad to hear you’re appreciating yourself more and taking some time to do it. Hope that continues and you grow to love yourself and who you are every day. 😀 P.S. Nice new pics! You look so mature! How is school going??

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