Healthy Living Daily Record: 1/18/12

B: 1 bread (160) + 1 bowl Rice (250) + pork meat (100)

L: 1 salad plate (400)+ 1 snack bar (140)

D: 1 bread (160) + 1 bowl of rice (250) + duck meat (200) + soup (160)

Exercise: none 🙁

Total: 1570 calories

THe good: Not bad. I’m happy with my eating schedule today. Though, I could have eat more fruits.. but i didn’t feel so hungry at the moment. Since.. i was just drinking water like crazy. My body is still recovering from hives.. so my face overheat often.. so i drink water a lot.

..ALso, I feel so happy today! 🙂 I feel a lot slimmer than usual. I tried on my old PJ today.. and I fit through it with ease. AMAZING! 😀 But, then again, I don’t think i’m loseing weight.. but more like losing muscle mass b/c i haven’t excercise in so long. But, still, i enjoy wearing my old pj again!

The bad: I didn’t exercise.. but today was too busy. I need to do hw.. I can never get anything done at home! Terrible! =[ I will need to make this up tomorrow!

BTW: I’m excerising tomorrow! 🙂

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