Healhty Living Daily Record: 12/21/11 HARD WORK IS HARD

Exercise: gym’

Water: 3.5/4

Breakfast: 200 soup + 100 bread +  200 bowl noodle

Lunch: 250 Yogurt cup + 1 bowl of rice (250) + fish (100)

DInner: 1 bowl of rice (250) + 1 whole fish (200) + 1 bowl soup (200)

Total: 1750 * not including FRUITS:.. WHICH IS .. quite a lot

Bad: Gosh, I think I eat to much. Before dinner, I drank 2 large cup of water, yet, I STILL FIND MYSELF EATING A LOT.. and I was eatinG SOUP TOO! I was trying not to let myself eat so much, but I ended eating a lot for dinner. Usually, I don’t eat as much. The reason for this is I have been exercising and my metabolism has just increase and my leg and stomach are so soar from the gym work-out that I’m eating like crazy. I need to constrant on the amount of food I’m eating. I need to remain constant on the amount of in take in order to actually see some result. (I’M NOT Starving myeslf, NO WAY, I can’t do handle that.. and I am not willing to hurt myself) So, I’m just going to try to eat like normal, and if I get hungry, more fruits & water. Usually, I just turn to water.

I’m trying to eat an apple a day.

The Good:  I went to the gym.. almost completed my lab report which I dread so much these days.. arrgh.. hate lab reports.. but hey, I manage to accomplished it b/c I realized that hardwork is HARDWORD. And.. that I’m not as hardworking as I think I am … I am actually quite lazy… so I need to get better.

Other than that, I’m proud. 🙂 BTW, MY DAD and I got my mom the most AWESOMEST PRESENT EVER FOR CHRISTMAS 😀 I’m so happy, I can’ wait till my mom open it!! ^__^

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