Healthy Living: Picking up the pieces

So, Finals is finals is finally over, AND for the last 3 weeks, I did not even look at my weight or even bother exercising.

It was all about school, study, and more school. And.. I tried the best I could to eat healthy and not eat fast food. However, there where occassion when I had no other choice, so I tried ordering a salad at a fast food store. It was still around 400-500 calories, but hey, it was better than dishing it out an a hamburger.

So, I still remain to eat healthy during my studies, which was a big improvement from last time.. (when I had bunch of midterm, and I was eating like crazy) ..

but now, I have enough sleep and rest because of the new study habit that I have come to adopt. 🙂

So, now, I’ m going back to the gym. I still have a 2 year membership at the 24 fitness, and I have been going for the last weeek, ever since my break begin. It was not until recently have I started trying to get back in shape. I still have a goal of reaching 115, amd I’m still trying.I’m going to be more active on this site b/c I know that I need to start living a healthy lifestyle for myself….and for my family.

WHat I noticed, is that ever since I started healthy living, it changed dramatically in the way my family eat. I my mom no longer dish out greasy food on the dinner table, and MY dAD actually reduce the number of candy and sweets that he buys. He’s even started drinking milk and eating salad! 🙂 Haha, I’m so proud of my parents. I’m glad that they are also working with me to promote a better living style in the house hold.

As of now, I have 1 important goal that I want to meet again: which is drinking 8 cups of water a day, and exercising every single day, and study to prepare for the upcoming quarter.

Thank you 3fatchicks 🙂

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